I just wanted to thank you again for giving Eva the gift of a lifetime this summer. She seems to be having the time of her life. Every night when she calls us she is so excited to give us the daily update of what she did at camp and how much fun she is having. We can't thank you enough, really...
Robert Gunning
Thank you, my daughter is having an amazing time, she wakes up on her own. Thank you for providing a safe fun place for her to explore and enjoy during these summer months.
the Barr family
My kids came home yesterday the happiest I’ve ever seen them they absolutely love your camp and I having the time of their life my only regret is not sending them sooner thank you so much for everything
Cindy Ferraro
Thanks Mr Jack for having such a great camp every day there something special to look forward to. God bless u all. God willing my Princess will surely be back.
Darlene Mcgeachy 
I'd just like to thank everyone for taking care of my son ...he loves the camp and everyone is so nice to him so I would just like to say thank you because of your camp my son had a fabulous summer.
The Mitchell family
U guys r really awesome keeping me up with every detail about these trip days. We love u guys !
Doloros Dennison
You all have been so amazing. We absolutely ADORE this camp. I've been telling all of Lola's friends' parents how wonderful Mill Basin is. 
Ellie Y.
Thank you so much! Daniel loves camp and tells us so everyday. We are happy that the children are having so much fun. Could not have picked a better place to send our son.  
Just wanted to say thank you. You guys are the best!! Love the great experience that my child gets every year. She has been talking non stop about her trips and activities.
Damaris and Stella Vesga
Thank you, for all you do for our families, it gives us peace of mind to know our child is in a safe and fun environment that they look forward to going every day. Our thanks to you and your entire staff!
Donna Clark
Have a great summer and thank you again for the wonderful camp experience my son had.  His counselors were the best!!
Althea Reid
Thank your staff at MBDC..yes my son had a great summer because your program was designed with the teens in mind..he has never done an entire summer camp program but yours got his interest and he said I'm doing all of it...sorry we hadn't known about MBDC in the past so we were only able to do this year..also the emails are a great idea loved it .thank you
Nicole Harper
You guys really go all out for our kids! We appreciate that immensely!
Lisa Pongritz
My son Jack had another fantastic summer at MBDC with all his friends and counselors. Have a great year, and see you all next summer!
Kimauri Barr
Thank you for the great time my camper had! First and best experience at camp!! Have a wonderful rest of the year!! 
PIONEERS Entering Grades PK-K
ADVENTURES Entering Grades 1 & 2
STARS Entering Grades 3 & 4
EXPLORERS Entering Grades 5 & 6
TEEN QUEST Entering Grades 7, 8 & 9


The largest day camp in new york, family owned since 1987.



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