Prior to the first day, you will receive an email with a lot of information to begin camp. Always an exciting and sometimes nervous day for parents and campers. When bringing your camper on their first day, make sure to have them wear their Mill Basin Day Camp t-shirt. Staff will be in the lobby to greet everyone and direct you and them to their groups. Signs will also be posted throughout the building to guide you to your campers group area. Please stay as long as you feel is necessary so that you can talk to the counselor, but please then say goodbye and allow the group to begin their first activity. Feel free to call the camp office if you’re nervous and would like us to check on your camper. Remember to refer to your campers’ Daily Checklist for items that they will need each day.

As all campers are now going to be brought in by car, we suggest parking outside the camp lot and or carpooling whenever possible. If you do come into the lot, please follow the traffic pattern along with any staff that may be directing you. Only take 1 spot and do not stay longer than necessary in order to provide space for the next family. Do not park in front of the door or even double park as you wait for someone to come out. It’s very dangerous and can cause a lot of extra traffic backup. Parking is available right outside the lot to either side and is legal. There is also parking available on the blocks near the camp. DO NOT block anyones driveway, even for a second.

As part of your welcome email, you will receive a link to the Camper Daily Checklist. While every child is different, we strongly recommend that you follow the list to be sure that your campers have what they need. Please note that if a child forgets something, such as lunch, we will do whatever we can to see to it that your camper has whatever they need. Please ask the camp office for a copy of the checklist if you are unable to view it online. Click Here to view the Camper Daily Checklist.


Morning Drop Off

Camp day begins at 9:00 AM. You may drop campers off beginning at 8:20 AM.

Earlier Morning Drop Off

Begins at 7:15 AM (you must be registered for this program). You may send breakfast if you wish. Staff will be on hand to supervise the campers. You will be directed to where to drop off your camper(s) on the first day.

End Of Day Pick Up

Pioneers Camp day ends at 3:30 PM for Pre School (except those with siblings or enrolled in Late Stay Pick Up). Adventures, Stars, Explorer and Teen Quest Camp day ends 4:00 PM. Please arrive between 4:10.

Late Stay Pick Up

Begins at 4:30 and goes to 6:15 (you must be registered for this program). Staff on hand to supervise activities (no swimming). Snack provided. Please arrive on time.

Picking Up Your Camper Early

If you need to pick up your camper early, you MUST call the camp office by 3:00 pm. After 3:00 PM campers cannot be called to the office to be picked up.


Please have your camper wearing their camp t-shirt and a smile that day.


  • Pioneers: To Be Announced. Camp Shirt & SMILE Required
  • Adventures: To Be Announced. Camp Shirt & SMILE Required
  • Stars: To Be Announced. Camp Shirt & SMILE Required
  • Explorers: To Be Announced. Camp Shirt & SMILE Required
  • Teen Quest: To Be Announced. Camp Shirt & SMILE Required



Health & Medical Form

Really, really important that you get the Medical Form. No doctor or medical staff person will treat patients
without this form signed your doctor. We also cant allow campers to attend unless we have this.
Must be completed fully.

Click Here For Medical Form

Asthma Medical Administration Form

Allergies Medical Administration Form

Dismissal Forms


Click Here


Emergency Procedures & Call To Parents

What is an emergency? We realize that each person views emergencies differently. At Mill Basin Day Camp, we define an emergency as a situation that requires us to call a parent or someone that is listed on the registration form as Emergency Contacts. Lets hope that there never is one, but in the event that a situation arises that requires emergency attention, the following steps will be taken.

First, our staff will see to and take whatever action is called for in the situation. Next, we will attempt to contact the people listed on the form. Of course, our office can and will call parents for anything that our professional staff feel requires one. An example could be a bump on the head, a splinter, stomach ache or even a quickie call for a camper that might need to hear a parents voice to help them through the day. If you have a personal reason that you feel requires a call, please speak to us anytime.


ALL campers receive Kosher Style lunch every day. Hot and cold lunches are mixed in throughout the week. All campers can also bring lunch with them each day. If sending lunch you should send lunch they like, a drink and a small snack. The lunches will be refrigerated until lunchtime and then returned to the campers. Please do not send any food that needs to be heated or micro-waved. Check menus to see if your camper does not eat what’s being served or has dietary or allergy issues. Please use the camp lunch bag if possible and write your campers name on it.
Lunch Menu Will Be Available Prior To The Start Of Camp


Snack is given every day to ALL campers. It could be a bag of chips, pretzels or cookies. We hand out different kinds each day to keep the campers interested. ONLY WATER IS SERVED AT MILL BASIN DAY CAMP!. Seconds and extras are available but well try and limit the sugar wherever possible. Please feel free to send your own snack with them as well.

Calling Office & Leaving Messages

During camp hours, your phone calls will be answered by a live person, not a recording. They will be happy to answer as many questions as possible. However, during those hours, we can’t promise that you’ll be able to speak to a director right away. They are out in the field supervising their groups and activities. In most cases, someone will call you back at the end of the day or in the evening. When you call and you need to speak to a director and they are not available, it would help if you told the office staff why your calling and when and where you can be reached later on. If you call after camp hours, make sure to leave your name, your campers name, and group, along with the reason for your call. We will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible

Parent Meeting

Each camp has its own unique program. There are different dates for each camp group and you will receive an email or text as to when those dates are announced. At the meetings, you will be able to pick up your campers’ summer supplies. The directors of each camp will be there to answer your questions and we will talk about your campers’ upcoming summer. If you have campers in 2 different age groups, you only have to come to 1 meeting if you like and you can pick up all the stuff at one time. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE MEETING AND RECEIVE THE CAMP GEAR, ALL BALANCES MUST BE PAID IN FULL.