Bus/Early Drop/Late Pickup


We now provide you with a free service to GPS track the location of your campers bus! Prior to the start of camp, you will be sent instructions on how to follow the bus both morning an evening via your computer or mobile device! A great service that

Morning bus pickup and evening drop off bus service are available in MOST areas. Each bus will have a matron on board at all times. Yellow school buses and minivans are used for most bus runs. All Pre-School campers will be seat belted in at all times. Campers going into 1st grade and up will not be seat belted. Seat belts are available on every vehicle. Campers are required to be seated at all times and follow the direction of bus staff.

Morning pick up and evening drop off must be at the same location. Door to Door pick up and drop are available in MOST areas.

Morning pick up and evening drop off times are determined by the transportation provider, based on area and distance from the camp facility. Families enrolled for bus service will be contacted with approximate pickup and drop off times prior to the start of the camp season. Bus service is both door to door and designated corner stop where necessary. If the door to door service is not available, such as a dead-end street or where construction is ongoing, another location will be chosen and those families will be notified. A more in-depth discussion about bus service will be provided at the pre-camp parents’ meetings.

Transportation is provided by Scholastic/Five Star Bus Service and is licensed and insured as an NYC Department of Education provider. There is an additional charge for this service. Same fees apply to one way or two-way transportation.

Mill Basin Day Camp bus counselor(s) will be on each bus for morning pick up and evening drop off. Please introduce yourself to them. Their responsibilities include bus attendance, safety and supervision. All Pre-School campers will be seat belted in. Someone will need to hand your child off to the bus counselor and/or to receive your child off the bus each day. A bus Counselor cannot and will not leave the bus to escort campers across the street or into homes or buildings. This is done to ensure the safety of the campers remaining on the bus. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Please note that there is no Early Morning Drop Off or Late Stay Pick Up when choosing to use bus service.


Early Morning Drop off is available beginning each
morning from 7:30 – 8:15 AM. Counselors are on hand to
supervise light activities prior to the start of the camp day.

$400.00 for season or $50.00 per week


Late p.M. Pick up prices & fees Is available beginning each evening from 4:30 – 6:15 PM. Counselors are on hand to supervise activities. No swimming will be done during this program. Snacks will be provided.

$520.00 for season or $65.00 per week


Please note these programs are not available on a day to day as needed basis.


All Buses Are Air Conditioned!

Bus Transportation Price & Fees:

$60.00 per week. 4 Week Minimum

Door to door pickup and drop is not available in some cases. If door
to door pickup is not available you will be notified where to meet the bus.
You will be given your morning bus number and evening bus number as
well as the name(s) of your bus counselor(s).

Please note it will take several days for bus service to get a consistent
schedule in place, so please make arrangements to allow for extra time
during this adjustment period. Please have your camper ready very early
and be home early to greet them until the schedule is consistant.

Bus Pickup in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island & Long Island!


Once a regular schedule is in place, please have your camper ready approximately 5 – 10 min prior to your scheduled pick up each day. Once the bus arrives, it will wait about 3 minutes for a camper before departing. Once the bus leaves, it will not return on that morning to pick up your child.


If your child is not coming to camp on a particular day, you DO NOT NEED TO CALL THE CAMP OFFICE. This is a change from previous years and is being implemented by the bus company. However, please keep in mind that you will need to have your child ready as stated above. If your child will not need bus service home on a particular day, you must call the camp office before 3:00 PM to let us know so as to not put your camper on the bus.


In the evening drop off, please make sure to have someone waiting to receive your camper. If no one is there to greet them, the bus will wait about 3 min before leaving for the next stop and your camper will have to remain on the bus for the duration of the run before being returned to the camp office where they will have to be picked up.


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