You guys are amazing!....My Darci actually danced every step of the dance routine and I wanted to bawl!!!!!! To my amazement, she did it!!! You guys are amazing!...Hi Jack, On my way home from picking up Conor, he was telling me how much fun he had today.  I was so happy to hear he really like his counselors--He quoted "they are the best and so much fun to be around". I just wanted to let you know Conor is having a great summer at his camp.  Thank you for providing  fun activities and amazing trips. Thanks, Regin Weber ....Thank you Jack, my granddaughter Kaylee had and continues to have a great time! Liz Sullivan....Again thanks for EVERYTHING....WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE AGAIN!!!!!!! Janine Ferraro   mother Peggy Hayes, grandmother ....Dear MBDC, Thank you for the fun Summer! Both of my kids loved Mill Basin Day Camp, the trips, all camp activities, and swimming. And I loved daily emails, detailed descriptions about the trips, well organized activities, and a busy schedule. Most importantly, I loved seeing my boys happy when they got home!  Thanks again! We'll be back next year. 😊 -Victoria Kudritskiy - Just a mid summer note to THANK YOU for all you do. The Vogel twins are having an absolutely great summer. They come home with smiles telling all kinds of stories and memories they will cherish forever. They look forward to getting up early and starting another day of camp. I am thrilled to see them that way and it's thanks to you and your people!!! Cindy Markowitz......I want to thank you and your staff for making each and every day a fun and exciting environment for all the campers!  :)Huge THANK YOU from the Bartashnik family :)))2015 Hi Jack, I just wanted to let you know my son Adam (Group SB-5) Davidovich came home yesterday and said he had the best day at camp. He loved the swimming test given. Thank you. I love hearing this when I come home from work. He and his brother are new to the camp and are really enjoying it. Again thank you. Miriam Davidovich"Thank you for the experience you gave my daughter. She really did have a blast. The Crawford Family"  -  Kids had an AMAZING SUMMER!!! Thank you all!!!  Irina Melnik - "Kaitlyn  and Tyler had a wonderful summer. Their counselors were great! Have a  good year!" Jen and John Chan  -  "Thank you all so very  much for giving Christopher Quagliariello another wonderful summer. The Quagliariello Family  -  "NOT A DAY PASSES...were so grateful for all you do. My kids come home with  memories of a awesome day everyday."  Nicole Hamburger  -  "Many thanks from the Ward family. Once again the kids thoroughly Enjoyed the summer. See you next year!!"  See All Parent Testimonials Here!