Entering PK - K


Specially designed for the varied needs of our youngest participants, Pioneers Camp has programs and activities that are set up to enhance our little one’s experiences and to promote their emotional and physical well-being.


Snacks are provided daily. Groups are arranged according to age and are supervised by experienced adult teachers and assistants.


Activities include arts and crafts, sports, swim instruction, games, music and dance, gymnastics, drama and more.


Dismissal time is at 3:30 PM. If a child has an older sibling or is registered for Late Stay Pick up, they will remain with their staff until regular dismissal before being checked in at the Late Stay Area.


Swimming is a 4 times a week activity in Brooklyn’s largest outdoor pool (weather permitting).


We also have a new Sprinkler Park for our littlest campers 1 day a week.


Each camper will be evaluated individually on his or her swimming skill and ability, and they are placed in the proper level swim group.

Beginners are given limited group instruction one or two times a week by our fully licensed and trained staff.


All New York City Department of Health and American Red Cross requirements are strictly adhered to and enforced. We also have recently installed a small fun sprinkler park for our youngest campers.





The largest day camp in new york, family owned since 1987.



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