Letter From Owner


Dear Families,

Summers are for having fun. It’s a time to spend with friends. To make memories and share experiences that last a lifetime. That’s what Mill Basin Day Camp is all about. Mill Basin Day Camp is dedicated to providing an exciting and fulfilling camp experience for both children and their parents by providing fun, recreational, social and educational activities. We have grown over the years to become the most popular summer day camp program for kids in the Brooklyn & Queens areas and now in Staten Island and Long Island! At least that’s what the kids tell us.

Our staff consists of professionals, many of whom continue to work in child-related fields throughout the year. Our directorial staff is comprised of licensed professionals with many years of camp experience. All the group leader staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. Our Aquatics programs are staffed by certified and licensed personnel, as required by the NYC Department of Health and the American Red Cross. Safety is our highest priority at Mill Basin Day Camp. We equip our staff and facility with the latest and most modern safety and technological products in order to maintain constant contact and security both on and off the camp facility. Campers also receive Camp Gear which they use throughout the summer.

Our modern, fully air-conditioned facility offers a wide range of activities for children entering Pre-K thru 9th grade in the upcoming September scholastic year.

There are Five (5) individual camp programs. Each camp has its own unique and innovative program that best suits the needs of the varying ages of our campers.

The typical camp day begins with the first activity at 9:00 am. Arriving on time each morning is VERY important. In order not disrupt activities. There are 4 periods in the morning, then lunch (provided for campers entering PK – 4th grade), 2 periods in the afternoon, snack (provided for campers entering PK – 4th grade as well) and 1 final activity prior to dismissal. Activities are both indoor and outdoor and are balanced accordingly. Pioneer dismissal times and activities are a bit different and will be discussed at pre-camp parents meeting for registered families prior to the beginning of camp.

We realize and understand the pressures facing today’s working parents so we have designed a very flexible registration program. Changing your summer schedule by adding, subtracting or changing weeks is never a problem at any time. If summer school is a worry for you, our program is entirely refundable at any time prior to the first day of camp.

Families are always invited to come in for a personal tour of the facility and to discuss the camp program in order to answer any and all question you or your camper may have (they are always most welcome to take the tour). It would be our pleasure having you.


Jack Grosbard, Owner, Mill Basin Day Camp

PIONEERS Entering Grades PK-K
ADVENTURES Entering Grades 1 & 2
STARS Entering Grades 3 & 4
EXPLORERS Entering Grades 5 & 6
TEEN QUEST Entering Grades 7, 8 & 9


The largest day camp in new york, family owned since 1987.



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