Kimauri Barr
Thank you for the great time my camper had! First and best experience at camp!! Have a wonderful rest of the year!! 
Lisa Pongritz
My son Jack had another fantastic summer at MBDC with all his friends and counselors. Have a great year, and see you all next summer!
Nicole Harper
You guys really go all out for our kids! We appreciate that immensely!
Althea Reid
Thank your staff at MBDC..yes my son had a great summer because your program was designed with the teens in mind..he has never done an entire summer camp program but yours got his interest and he said I'm doing all of it...sorry we hadn't known about MBDC in the past so we were only able to do this year..also the emails are a great idea loved it .thank you
Donna Clark
Have a great summer and thank you again for the wonderful camp experience my son had.  His counselors were the best!!
Damaris and Stella Vesga
Thank you, for all you do for our families, it gives us peace of mind to know our child is in a safe and fun environment that they look forward to going every day. Our thanks to you and your entire staff!
Just wanted to say thank you. You guys are the best!! Love the great experience that my child gets every year. She has been talking non stop about her trips and activities.
Robert Gunning
Thank you, my daughter is having an amazing time, she wakes up on her own. Thank you for providing a safe fun place for her to explore and enjoy during these summer months.
Ellie Y.
Thank you so much! Daniel loves camp and tells us so everyday. We are happy that the children are having so much fun. Could not have picked a better place to send our son.  
Doloros Dennison
You all have been so amazing. We absolutely ADORE this camp. I've been telling all of Lola's friends' parents how wonderful Mill Basin is. 
The Mitchell family
U guys r really awesome keeping me up with every detail about these trip days. We love u guys !
Darlene Mcgeachy 
I'd just like to thank everyone for taking care of my son ...he loves the camp and everyone is so nice to him so I would just like to say thank you because of your camp my son had a fabulous summer.
Cindy Ferraro
Thanks Mr Jack for having such a great camp every day there something special to look forward to. God bless u all. God willing my Princess will surely be back.
the Barr family
My kids came home yesterday the happiest I’ve ever seen them they absolutely love your camp and I having the time of their life my only regret is not sending them sooner thank you so much for everything
I just wanted to thank you again for giving Eva the gift of a lifetime this summer. She seems to be having the time of her life. Every night when she calls us she is so excited to give us the daily update of what she did at camp and how much fun she is having. We can't thank you enough, really...


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What You Need To Know


Now more than ever, kids need camp. Mill Basin Day Camp is here for you. We have grown to become the largest and most popular summer day camp program in all of NY.


MBDC has over 40+ in house activities for campers to enjoy including all sports, the largest swimming pool in Brooklyn, tech programs and all the fine arts including music, art, dance, drama, tv production and much more!


Check the days and hours that our office is open for tours of our facility, open house dates and special events.


Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words.  Search our galleries to see MBDC campers having the time of their lives trying new activities and participating in all the wonderful programs we offer!


Watch our campers and staff in a fun and exciting video compilation of what Mill Basin Day Camp is all about. Here testimonials from our campers and counselors about why MBDC is the best place to be for a kid!


Read what our families have to say about their experiences at Mill Basin Day Camp. They are the best way for you to know what we do here at MBDC and how much our campers and families mean to us.



(Ages 3 – 5)

Specially designed to the varied needs of our youngest participants, Pioneers Camp has programs and activities that are set up to enhance our little


Adventurers Camp offers a full day of exciting, safe and fun activities. By making use of our beautiful facility, campers will receive instruction in a wide variety of sports and arts activities. Many of our activities are taught by instructors who work year-round in related fields.


The Explorers Camp is carefully designed with those pre-teen campers in mind. Combining traditional day camp activities, day trips and overnight trips, this age group has many varying areas of interest and activities. Whether it’s sports, tennis, arts and crafts, swimming, computers and more, explorer campers are given the chance to participate in activities that they enjoy. Our focus here is to enhance confidence, explore opportunities and develop new skills and interests in a safe, exciting and enjoyable setting.


With a carefully selected and experienced staff, the Teen Quest Travel Camp has grown in numbers each year. Teen Quest is daily travel program that does full day and extra late day trips 4-5 days per week and has camp activities at the camp facility periodically throughout the summer.




Click here to find out how you and your camper can become part of the Mill Basin Day Camp family.


In this section, you can see what camp costs and the many options for enrollment we offer.


Go here to see the many fun and exciting activities we offer for all age groups in our modern and fully equipped facility!


Find out about meals and snacks for your camper and what’s on the menu by clicking here


Need bus service or early morning drop off or late stay pick up?  We have it for you.  Click here to get the info you need.



Check the days and hours that our office is open for tours, open house dates and special events.


Click here to get the answers to some of the most asked and important questions parents have about our program and camp in general


Go here to get directions to the Mill Basin Day Camp Facility.


Important information can be found here regarding all aspects of camp for your child(ren).




Click Here To Enroll Your Camper or Log In as a Returning Family.


Go Here to see all the information about registrations and get enrollment forms you need.



We Play
Hand/Eye coordination, highly-active games, to energetic collaborative games, to colorful patterns, to educational preschool scenarios, We Play has something for everyone!
Events, Shows & Programs
Laser Light Show, Magic Show, Petting Zoo, Basketball Show, Hollywood Game Show, Brain Show, Color War (Olympic Games) Black Tie Gala, Masquerade Ball, Carnival & many more!
Climbing and Ropes Course
Campers can try their agility and skill in our 60 foot, 2 story climbing Jungle Gym. Twists, turns and slides galore!
Rock Band
Campers will actually play in a rock band. Drums, Guitars, keyboards and bongos! Can stardom be far behind?
Fashion Design
From Sketch to Design to Production, girl campers can create and make items like skirts, bags and even sneakers!
Drama Stage Theatre
Performances and Talents Shows for the groups to put on for each other. Nothing like being cheered on by your friends and group. A Mill Basin Day Camp favorite!
3 Large Activity Rooms
Indoor, air-conditioned and carpeted rooms for general camp activities. Bad weather is NEVER a problem at Mill Basin Day Camp.
Lego Lab
Lego is all the rage! Our Lego Lab at Mill Basin Day Camp is complete with floor to ceiling Legos for all ages to enjoy. Instruction and games as well in the LAB!
2 Dance Studios
Taught by instructors from one of NYC leading performing arts studios, Take A Bow, this is one of the most beloved activities in camp. Break, hip hop, modern and jazz. Kids are dancing everywhere these days and they will here too!
2 Giant Theatres
Includes a 100 inch 3D screen and popcorn and cotton candy machine! (don’t worry parents, they wont get all they want J.) Age appropriate movies and animated cartoons only.
Baking Center
Calling all baking chef wannabees! Create and design cakes and pizza and all kinds of baked goodies! All supervised with camper friendly and safe equipment! A Yummy activity!
Gaga Ball Arenas
Americas hottest action game is at Mill Basin Day Camp! We have 4 arenas for all to participate!
Tiny Town Playground
A real western town for campers to explore and imagine! There’s a train with a slide, shop, post office, jail and even a town hall! Yeeeee Hawwwwww!
Jungle Gym
For campers in Pre K & K to climb and explore and simply be kids. Always supervised and well padded and maintained for the safety of our campers and your kids.
Circus Program
Juggling, unicycles, clowning and stilts are just some of the new "Circus” skills that Mill Basin Day Campers will learn. All taught in a safe and instructional environment.
Video Arcade Game Room
We bring back old school! Pac Man, Asteroids, Galaga and more. Over 30 games including today’s best! Non Violent games of course and always free!
2 Computer Labs
State of the art computer labs complete with gaming (non violent), creative programs as well as Video Game Design Programming. All ages!
15,000 Sq. ft Sportscenter
Kickball, Football, Wiffleball, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Track and Field and more! Campers will participate in non-competitive games and sports that promote team work and fun! Rubber padded turf field to ensure comfort and safety.
Arts & Crafts Studio
Creativity is the main focus in our colorful and inspiring Arts & Crafts program. Wood, clay and 3D are just some of the projects campers will explore.
Karaoke Studio
Mill Basin's Got Talent Studio. Campers are encouraged by directors and FRIENDS to get on stage and show off their skills.
Multi Media Center
Recording sound, splicing video and editing music are just some of the amazing instruction campers will receive in the state of the art center.
Outdoor Pool 4 Pool Slides
Brooklyn largest pool with 4 exciting pool slides. Varying in depths for beginner to advanced swim levels with Certified Red Cross Instruction with our 12 instructors/lifeguards.
Basketball Courts
6 basketball courts that are adjustable for all ages. Instruction, games…FUN!
Paint Party
MBDC Paint party where campers can have fun their inner Rembrandt or Picasso or become an their own abstract legend!
Remote Control Car Racing
Race electronically-powered remote control cars on a Large Oval track. Fun For Boys and Girls!
Sprinkler Park
Splash fun for campers in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Campers get to zig and zag around the fun shapes and sprinklers and buckets. Fun in the Sun!
Lazer Maze
Ninja: Using agility, quick thinking, and speed, players avoid a field of laser beams to engage mission objectives. Those quick on their feet and up for a challenge: BUSTER: Letting loose and jumping around, players explore through a field of laser beams to break as many as possible under a time crunch. Energy-filled players will love the addicting fun of beams that pop back to life once they’ve all been broken.
Rock Wall Climbing
Kids climb walls. So why not give them one they are allowed to climb? A 40 foot horizontal climbing wall, only 6 feet high, will have your kids climbing the walls with joy and safety
Mad Science
Fun experiments for your little ones that are sure to make them mad for science! Explore the properties of nature with rainbows, slime, foamy and more! Safe for all kids of course!
We Play
Events, Shows & Programs
Climbing and Ropes Course
Rock Band
Fashion Design
Drama Stage Theatre
3 Large Activity Rooms
Lego Lab
2 Dance Studios
2 Giant Theatres
Baking Center
Gaga Ball Arenas
Tiny Town Playground
Jungle Gym
Circus Program
Video Arcade Game Room
2 Computer Labs
15,000 Sq. ft Sportscenter
Arts & Crafts Studio
Karaoke Studio
Multi Media Center
Outdoor Pool 4 Pool Slides
Basketball Courts
Paint Party
Remote Control Car Racing
Sprinkler Park
Lazer Maze
Rock Wall Climbing
Mad Science


The largest day camp in new york, family owned since 1987.



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