First Day Is July 01, 2019!


Our Families Tell All


I just wanted to thank you again for giving Eva the gift of a lifetime this summer. She seems to be having the time of her life. Every night when she calls us she is so excited to give us the daily update of what she did at camp and how much fun she is having. We can't thank you enough, really... -Jordana (Eva Fried-Velez's aunt)

My kids came home yesterday the happiest I’ve ever seen them they absolutely love your camp and I having the time of their life my only regret is not sending them sooner thank you so much for everything from the barr family

Special thanks to the staff and Tyesha's friends for once again a great summer. Thanks  Mr Jack for having such a great camp everyday there something special to look forward to . God bless u all. God willing my Princess will surely be back.  Cindy Ferraro

Ill just like to thank everyone for taking care of my son jaeden yearwood ...he loves the camp and ever one is so nice to him so I would just like to say thank u bec of ur camp my son had a fabulous summer. Darlene Mcgeachy 

U guys r really awesome keeping me up with every detail about these trip days. We love u guys The Mitchell family😀

You all have been so amazing. We absolutely ADORE this camp. I've been telling all of Lola's friends' parents how wonderful Mill Basin is. 

Thank you so much! Daniel loves camp and tells us so everyday. We are happy that the children are having so much fun. Could not have picked a better place to send our son.  Ellie Y.

Thank you. daughter is having an amazing time, she wakes up on her own. Thank you for providing a safe fun place for her to explore and enjoy during these summer months. 

Thank you Jack and all staff of MBDC for all you did to that kids and make their happy. My daugther Katalina is very happy and dont stop to tell me thanks for put  her back in MBDC again. God bless all for make that possible. We love the organize of the camp make the parents happy . By the way ... Jack , the silence tracking bus is owsome ..Thankyou.!! 

Just wanted to say thank you for the great experience that my child gets every year. She has been talking non stop about her trip to New Roc City. You guys are the best!!


Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for the picture. Meant to sit down every day since camp ended to tell you how happy Cadie was each day in camp.

But before I do, for the past 17 years I have directed camp/ after school programs for children with special needs and typical children. After the recent birth of my son, I decided to leave my career temporarily and raise my family.

In the past, Cadie was attending camp where I directed, I now needed to find a new camp for her and I was extremely nervous. You and your staff made the transition so smooth. Cadie had an absolutely wonderful summer. She asks each and every day if she is going to camp tomorrow. She misses the children and the staff tremendously.

Thank you for all you do and for making my daughter have a truly memorable summer.

Have a great year!!

Danielle Pomerantz

Sarah had a great time on her hike! She came back a different girl. She was calm, yet exhilarated.  I think getting away from the city did something really good for her. She could not stop talking about her exciting outdoor adventure.

Thank you for having my son Chaz. He's having a blast so far and he looks forward to being there everyday

Thank you so much for such a great summer!!!!!! ...Maria Manning...Thank you so much for an amazing summer!!!!..Jayden Danilovich...She had a GREAT summer! To compare her experience last year at the camp that shall remain nameless to the one at your's night and day.  Everyday she came home excited to  talk about her day. 
I don't think I can thank you and your staff enough!   You are all amazing and wonderful people to do what you do.  I can't  stop telling people about MBDC....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Thank you, for all you do for our families, it gives us peace of mind to know our child is in a safe and fun environment that they look forward to going every day.
Our thanks to you and your entire staff!
Damaris and Stella Vesga

Have a great summer and thank you again for the wonderful camp experience my son had.  His counselors were the best!!
Donna Clark

Thank you so much for providing such quality care for our 2 sons with such professionalism.
Jacqueline Marcial

Crazy how time flies. It was just yesterday where we started another summer of camp!! Thank you for all that you do!
We shall see you next time.
All the best
Teresa and family! 

Dear Jack & Office Staff,
Thank you so much for an amazing summer. I was very nervous about sending my 4 year old (non-swimmer) to camp; but, there wasn't a single day that I didn't feel confident she was being looked after 110% and completely safe. Everything was so well organized and planned - from the first day to the last. The bus counselors (and driver) were great, and finally, Khloe's group (PS-3C) counselor's were all absolutely amazing, especially Dina. 
Looking forward to many more summers with all of you! Enjoy your vacations and to a great year ahead! 
Best wishes, Raquel, Alex & Khloe Burovskiy

Thank your staff at MBDC..yes my son had a great summer because your program was designed with the teens in mind..he has never done an entire summer camp program but yours got his interest and he said I'm doing all of it...sorry we hadn't known about MBDC in the past so we were only able to do this year..also the emails are a great idea loved it .thank you  
Althea Reid

You guys really go all out for our kids! We appreciate that immensely! Nicole Harper

Thank you and same to you and your staff!!!! Eastmond, Veronica

Dear Jack and the MBDC Staff,
Thank you so much for another amazing summer.  Kaitlyn and Tyler each loved their counselors.  They enjoyed all the wonderful activities and trips.  They never wanted to miss a day.  Kate absolutely loved Club Getaway.  Thanks again for the wonderful experience!  We recommend your camp to all of our friends!
Jen & John Chan

Jack & MBDC staff ~
My son Jack had another fantastic summer at MBDC with all his friends and counselors. Have a great year, and see you all next summer!
Best, Lisa Pongritz

It has been a terrific 6 years forour daughters- Laila and Sanaa.
The Palmers

Dear Jack,
I just wanted to tell you what a great year my girls had this year in AG-2B. The counsellors were awesome and my girls loved them all (toniann, Rachel, Nina, and Kayla). I also wanted to send a special thank you to you for working out a way for me to send All 4 of my girls to camp next year. It was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for a great summer. 
The Tartaglione Family

Good morning jack
Waking up this morning for my son  Ethan St Jean of Ab1A was difficult, it was difficult because he then remembered oh yea mom yesterday was the last day of camp ( sad face).  So we spent time in bed reflecting on his summer at Mill Basin Day Camp.   Tons of great memories flow to what then became a smiling face. He reflected on Swimming daily, seeing jack in his daily  costumes, going on weekly trips, meeting new friends, dancing with mr. Kid, going to Lego land and last but not least going to the nurses office.  
We Ethan St Jean parents want to thank all of the Mill Basin Day Camp staff for this great experience yet another summer . 
I personally want to really thank nurse Renauata carryl she cared for Ethan more than three times this summer. Renauata kept me informed weather it was a simple ice pack that was given to Ethan to just checking to make sure he was not spiking a temperature.
With such great communicate , dedication and care given by Renauata ( the nurse) I was always confident that Ethan will be in great hands thanks again
Ethan's mommy

Thank you Jack
Hayden really enjoyed it and God willing will be there next season 
God bless you brother. 
Luis Marin


I was just sending in a praise request. My son attended your camp in the summer of 2013 as a "preschooler”. Since then we have moved to the Georgia area and he still talks about MBDC and the fun that he had. Since moving I have searched high and low to find a camp within the Georgia area that can even closely compare. With so many activities for the price it can’t be beat. At this point knowing how much he enjoyed attending I am really considering sending him to NY for the summer with his grandparents so that he can again experience all of the fun activities that a child so often craves. Pleaseeeee relocate to Georgia J. Until then keep up the great work and stay innovative with new activities each year as I enjoy receiving your emails. I'm not a child and get excited for them!

Happy and sad Mom J

Hi how are you? I would like to give a special thanks to Mr.Jack and staff for the wonderful job they have done. A special thanks for the wonderful time my daughter had which she can't seem to stop talking about. We both can't wait for next year please God for her to have yet another summer fun time with the best camp ever. I appreciate everything you guys have done and all the work you guys put into what you do to make ur business such a success.

Cindy Ferraro

A special thanks to her councilors.Thank you for the great time my camper had! First and best experience at camp!! Have a wonderful rest of the year!!    Kimauri Barr

Dear Jack...
Just for said thank you much!!!...we are really happy to see our daughter excited every day and happy. Unfortunately she was sick for 2 weeks that she miss up those days. She will be there next summer for sure if we don't have any Vacation change!!.
Thank you for all of you and your staff to been nice and professional in MBDC.
We will see you!!!...soon!!!...

Katalina Davis (camper)

Thank you for all that you do for the kids. My daughter has been at Mill Basin Day Camp for about 7 years. She has enjoyed the activities and trips. The counselor shave been wonderful. She hopes to work with you and your amazing staff next year.Thank you for providing a wonderful program each year. We will miss you.

Michelle Brown & Ariana Barrett (daughter)

To the staff of Mill Basin Day Camp

I want to say thank you for taking great care of my babies Brianna and Aidan Duffy. I look forward to coming home and hearing about their day at camp. And to hear what silly costume Jack was wearing. Thanks for another successful summer. See you next year.

 Sincerely,Joanne and Patrick DuffyDear Jack,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful time my boys has there this summer. It was our first camp experience and we were all abit apprehensive, but the boys had a BLAST and are very sad it is over. The counselors and the staff were a pleasure to deal with. No question or concern I ever raised was ignored.

We wish you, your family and the entire staff at MBDC a restful, healthy year and we will be seeing you next summer!


Frank, Jeanne, Frankie & Anthony Costello

Dear Jack and Staff

I wanted to thank you and your staff for making Anisa's Summer so wonderful I was so nervous to send her on the bus by herself at first but Ivie and the bus driver always made me and her feel comfortable Anisa has enjoyed being at the camp and learning so many new activities we want to thank you and all your wonderful staff for looking out for her and look forward to seeing everyone next summer

Thank you all Julio Mercado and Brenda Gordon

I just wanted to thank the staff & counselors

For what a great job you guys so every summer 

My kids had a blast see u next summer

Thank you so much JACK! My children, and nieces are so happy and eager to attend every year. I brag to all about how satisfied I am at MBDC. I am someone who is not easily pleased as so much businesses can't offer the basic necessities to their customers.MBDC has met all of my children's needs in terms of SAFETY and ENTERTAINMENT. The staff are willing to help me in all that I inquire about and can always answer all questions in a polite and gracious manner. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED QUALITY SERVICE IN ANY FACILITY LIKE I DO AT MBDC!! THANK YOU ALL so much for being outstanding in what you do. I am so grateful. With much love and respect. Melody SalisanDear


I just wanted to tell you how happy joshi is everyday coming home from camp. He complains we pick him up to early!! I also wanted to thank you for making our first year of attending camp such a pleasant experience. Thanks again for attaining to all our needs and being so attentive and understanding!!! I'm def looking forward to gd willing many summers at you camp!!!


Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this amazingly and priceless experience with William! It is one of the major highlights of his year (Holidays, Birthdays etc.).

We are beyond grateful!


Thank you for running such a superb camp, and having an ideal place for our children during the summer. Being an educator, I empathize with the downside of certain matters like this one, and understand the joys of the bigger picture- and why you continue to do what you do!

Warmly,Dr. Jackie

Hi Jack and everyone,

Just want to say a BIG thank you for taking our daughter, Abigail Plantin and all the other campers safely to Boston and back.

She had a wonderful time.Thanks also to all the counselors.  Keep up the good work!  Have a bless night!

Erica and Rod Plantin
Thank you. Jonah loves the camp and he has already told me next year he is going again. It is a fun place for kids to grow.

Thank you to all the staff for making it a great summer for jonah and other kids.



luv wadler family :)


I just wanted to say thank you for all the great activities that my son aidan clark has been doing, he loves it!!
The first two days were tough, he is 3 1/2 and it was so new to him, but he adjusted very well!
Aidan also gets the biggest kick to see how you will be dressed every morning & so do I..
Thank you for such a great experience, for my son. he will be back next year.
You and your staff did a great job!!!

Thank you again!!

Donna Clark 

A HUGE THANKS TO JACK N ALL THE STAFF AT MILL BASIN SUMMER CAMP!!!! We appreciate all that u do!!!!!!!!! From myself n the children...

Melody Salisan

Just so u know..... My kid had a great time and continues to have a great time everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont worry about anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fondly, Mia

Camper- Melanie Snyder

Good Evening Jack,

I would like to thank you and your staff for making Alexandria's birthday even more special.She was very surprise and happy to receive a birthday cake at the camp.

Thank you all so very much.

With very best regards,Marie Reid-Durant

Hi jack and the entire camp groupI'm Ethan St jean mother this is my son's first time in camp I was anxious and excited all at the same time. As expected and I was told the 1 st day was a bit ruff start but by day two it quickly was correctly. As a parent of an only child I'm beginning to relax knowing that my only child is in trusted hands. With this I would like to say thank you for all you do , I do realize it must be a hard task for you all. Ethan arrival at home each evening is usually full of fun stories followed by bed from being exhausted. Thanks again for keeping me

Ethan's mommy

Ty you are amazing....ty for caring for my baby....I am thoroughly impressed and it has only been 3 days! You are a professional and as an educator myself I am moved. Ty again! 

 Hello, I would like to take the time out to thank u Mr.Jack and your staff for having my daughter at your camp. Tyesha loves and enjoys her time spent with you guys. I really appreciate it. 
Cindy Ferraro

Thanks again Jack for the cake yesterday. My little girl told me all about her day and how she ate all her cake. She was very happy when she got home with her birthday crown she made at camp. Thanks for everything. Your camp and staff have been awesome and this is why my family returns year after year. Thanks for having us.
Warm regards, The Jaudon Family

Good Morning

I wanted to tell you that my family and I had a GREAT time at the park.   Conor was thrilled to see his friends, who goes to another school.   Sean and I spend quality time together.  Many parents thought this was a nice event for a camp reunion. The day was PERFECT.  Thank you and your staff for providing a fun day for the family.   It was so nice.  
Have a nice day!

 Hi Jack,
I want to thank you for everything you and your staff did to ensure my kids had a safe and fun summer. We got really lucky with our counselors and are very grateful to them for taking such great care of the kids. All of the counselors were great but especially Albert and Altine from AB2C and Amanda from PS3A were absolutely wonderful and the kids will really miss them.
Thank you for the great group price this season and for the offer for next year, we are looking forward to returning.

All the best!
Julie Sino-Shekhman

Dear Jack,

Thank you for the experience and opportunities you gave my daughter for the past six great summers. She really did have a blast. We really appreciate it. Now that it has come to an end, I hope God's blessings help you to continue giving families the same great summers as you did my daughter Rhianna Crawford. Thanks again

From ,

Crawford Family♥ : )

Thank you from the Gunther household! From camper, Andrew, who told us this was by far, the best year ever. To counselor, Maria, who told us she left today with tears of happiness and memories never to be forgotten.

Next year, they will both be applying to work at the camp and maybe with alittle luck, they will get chosen. Wishing everyone all the best and a sincere and grateful thanks again :) -

Susan & Matthew Gunther

Kids had an AMAZING SUMMER!!! Thank you all!!!

Thank you,

Irina Melnik

Kaitlyn and Tyler had a wonderful summer. Their counselors were great! Have a good year!

Jen and John Chan

Thank you all so very much for allowing Christopher Quagliariello to have another wonderful summer. Special thanks to you Jack for helping out after a difficult time in our lives. And Edith, thanks for being so accommodating. See you next year. Be well everyone!
The Quagliariello Family

Dear Jack and Edith,

Today being the last day of camp for 2013, I'd just like to thank you for making Briel's summer so memorable. Each day when she came home from camp her smile was ear to ear. Quite exhausted from a full day of "little ones", there wasn't a day when she told me what a "Great day she had".

Briel not only grew personally, but learned many important things from working at the camp. It puts a smile on my face as well knowing she enjoyed every minute and every day she worked there. Briel had a blast and can't wait to interview again for the 2014 summer season.

I just wanted to thank you personally for giving her such a wonderful experience, and for allowing her to come home on the bus the 2nd month of camp. That truly helped me so much. Also, your office staff does an amazing job!!!

As always you and Millbasin have been an important part of our lives and we thank you so much for all the good memories, past present and in the future.


Eileen Freeman

Hi Jack,
Would love to hear "The Next Great MBDC BAND" .. :)
NOT A DAY PASSES...were so grateful for all you do. My kids come home with memories of a awesome day everyday. The day always starts with the wonder of what costume you'll be wearing as they see you each morning...say hello. Days filled with events and the amazing friends they've made over the summer. The staff so kind so helpful and committed to all of our children. Never a day passes where we worry because we know they're in safe hands.

Nicole Hamburger

Thank you fora great summer as alwaysJack, Edith, Staffand Crew at MBDC!

We love you.  xxooo

wadler fam.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It is truly best camp in Brooklyn!!! My daughter had another great summer!


Many thanks from the Ward family. Once again the kids thoroughly

Enjoyed the summer. 

See you next year!!

Thank you, Jack and everyone at Mill Basin.  My son loves going to camp with you.  He has made many friends and has so much fun.  We appreciate that so much and can't wait to see you again next year.  -- The Willsen Family

 Thanks so much Jack. We registered for next year. Daniel had an awesome summer at Mill Basin, made some nice friends and happily left home each and every morning! What can be better?


 Words can never express how thankful both Kevin & I are, for everything you've done for him!!!!!!
He loves it so much, trip or no trip!!!! Thank you again!!!!!
Margie Clifford

Not sure if you hear it enough...

MBDC is the greatest!! Worth every penny and kids return home with great experiences daily.

Keep up the good the work!!

Regs, Camillo

Thanks for putting a smile on my kids' faces each and every morning by greeting them in the parking lot in a costume. They LOVE it!



One of Daniels favorite parts about camp is seeing what youre dressed as every day!

Thanks for putting a smile on his face.


We enjoy seeing you each day with your varied costumes. You are dedicated to our children and work hard to provide a fun-filled summer for our children. My daughter is in Teen Quest and has one more year as a camper. It is my hope that she can continue the fun she has had as a counselor at your camp. Thanks for all you do.

Michelle Brown

Thanks!! We love all you guys too and Taylor's having such a great summer!!

Rachel M


As you know we have been a Mill Basin Day Camp family for many years and although we have never expressed it to you verbally , we are extremely happy with the way you and your staff have treated our children. But this year I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the treatment given to my daughter Hannah who was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks before camp started. Danielle in the office, in particular, as well as Hannah's counselors have made my life so much easier knowing she is in good care when I am at work. The attention they have given her as well as the constant communication with me has been exceptional. She is having a wonderful, normal summer, something I'm not sure she would have had if she was not at Mill Basin Day Camp. My son Jared is in his last year of teen quest which is sad because he enjoyed his time at camp so much and is really enjoying this summer.

Thanks for everything and please thank your staff especially Danielle.

Laura Fran

Thank you for all you and the entire staff continue to do to make this an amazing experience for the campers and their families. Have a good day. Ms. Stevens  

Thanks Jack!! Ryan looks forward to camp all year- Thanks for making his summers so special :)

Madi Chan

Tonight Hannah is sleeping with the unicorn she made last year (named Uni) and the fuzzy puppy she made today (named Puppy Love). We got one happy camper here......


I just wanted to thank you for giving my daughter a wonderful summer so far! Last night she said to me im so happy the weekend is over because i want to get back to camp! She now hates the weekends lol Your doing a Wonderful job!

Julie Smith

Mill Basin Day Camp is the place where all the magic happens.


Luv Wadler Family


I was pleasantly surprised to see my daughter Olivia in the swimming picture w/ her group of girls enjoying a dip. She's the one who is front and center w/ missing teeth. :)

It warms my heart to know she is having a great time at camp. Camp this year was a financial sacrifice and it's good to see it was worth every penny.

Good Morning,

This has been a great summer for both of my boys. They enjoyed it so much. I am so glad they are having fun with their friends. There are places Conor went to, which was awesome--roc city and funtime America...I believe Funtime America was the best highlight for him because he and the kids were playing zombie laser light.

As for Sean, I noticed he 's gaining confidence that he can do it with different activities and being exposed to different things. I think it's awesome! Somehow, he's gaining confidence with the water. Over the past weekend, he wanted to go into the water and swim without us encouraging him. I am so grateful he's somehow building his confidence from the camp among his peers and counselors. He is starting to come out of his shells and have a "I can do it attitude".

Thank for providing a safe summer for my boys.


We love Mill Basin Day Camp

And when people ask us why we send our kids to milk basin

When we live on staten island We tell them it's the best camp ever!!!!

Tomorrow is James birthday. He wants to go to camp  Need I say more!!!!! 

The Beckers!

The VanEtten family would like to "Thank You", both Tyler and Kaitlyn are having such an awesome summer, and are looking forward to returning next summer. Tyler had a blast at Club Getaway. Thank you again for making my children's summer..Fun, Fun, Fun!!!  

 You are truly the best camp out there,I get amazed every year at how wonderful you are! Thank you :)
Jane B.

Good Morning,

I would like to thank you for your exemplary commitment to children who deserve the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable summer camp experience at Mill Basin Day Camp. This is the third year that we will participate in your program. To say the least, each child returned to school in September absolutely glowing about their experience.  It is unfortunate that without your support these children would not have been able to avail themselves of such an experience.

I was excited to receive your letter and would like to recommend a student who has consistently achieved at a very high level academically and in her social growth.  She is certainly a deserving student, but without your generous scholarship would not be able to attend.

The student is Lytashia Utley. She is in the 5th grade.   I have spoken with her mother and both are very excited.  Please forward to me any additional information or paper work that I need and I will begin the process.


Ms. D. Rahmaan, Principal, Public School 92, Brooklyn. NY

Dear Jack:
Just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You for all the years (I think there were 7 of them) that  you and your staff provided Alana with a loving, fun and safe environment during her summers with Mill Basin Day Camp.  As a parent, it was very comforting to know that not only was our daughter having the time of her life and making memories and friends that will last a lifetime; but most inportantly for keeping her safe in this crazy world of ours!!   I was able to go to work everyday secure in the knowledge that she was protected and for me that was PRICELESS!!!!   Alana looked forward to going back to MBDC every year.  She made so many friends over the years that she still keeps in touch with and has precious memories that will last her a lifetime.
So, again, Jack - from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!  We are both sad that she is too old to return for another summer of fun. 
Wish you the best always!
Debbie Anderson

Thank you jack and staff for a job well done . My son had so much fun and made numerous friends. Too bad he is going tu turn 15  next summer and will not be able to be a camper.
Best of luck with new ideas and new addition to make Mill Basin Day Camp the super best because without any hesitation you are the super best that ever happened to my son. Thank you again. keep the good work because you are making those joyful smiles contageous. 
The Ramirez Family

My three daughters attended your camp this year, and it was worth every cent!!

You have a great caring team! You are hilarious!!

See you guys next year!

Dear Mill Basin Day Camp,

I just wanted to thank you for ruining OUR (me and my husband) summer fun.  Every place and activity (Hershey Park, Mountain Creek, Sister Act) that my husband and I  planned to experience with our son Keith Sanchez of TQ-8B this summer, you  managed to beat us to it (SMILE). There are no hard feelings, because Keith had one of the best summers' of his life, with his new MBDC family.   Last summer, " at that other day camp", Keith would wake up every morning with a different reason as to why he should not go to camp.  You know that a daycamp is not fun, when a 12 year old boy opts to stay at his grandparents' all day (who don't have an Xbox 360, Facebook or a smartphone in their house).  To my pleasure, Keith woke up every morning without hassle, and to my surprise, some mornings he even woke up before me, looking forward to the day's adventure.

At the end of these 8 weeks, I noticed a transformation in Keith.  He has definitely matured, and now more than ever,  is open to trying new things.   He takes pleasure in teasing his Dad about going  "Zip Lining"  before him (zip lining is one of the things on his Dad's "Bucket List) and seeing Sister Act before me.    Now only if  I could get Keith to stop losing things.  This summer he has managed to lose his watch, a lunchbag, a water bottle and 2 backpacks.  Thank goodness for your No Cellphone and Electronics Policy!


My only regret is that Keith wasted 6 years at that "other day camp."


All the best during the off season.    My husband and I will spend our off season trying to think of places and activities that MBDC will not be going to or doing next summer, in attempts to reclaim our summer fun!!.  By any chance, are you thinking about taking the TeenQuest group on a cruise???  (SMILE)


See you next year!!!

Thank you.

Kim Sanchez

Just wanted to say what a wonderful summer my kids had. Dylan, my son, was in AB1B. The counselors were amazing. He especially loved markus and we hope he could be his counselor next summer. Brandon and James were very loving as well.   My daughter Rebecca enjoyed today's trip to ride the beast. Thanks again for a wonderful summer!!

Caryn Diamond

Dear Jack,
I never saw Shanna so happy as she was this summer at MBDC. You, your staff were exceptional and you have such an organized operation. We cannot thank you and you staff enough for all of your hard work and making this such an enjoyable summer for the kids. Everyone extended themselves and went out of the way to make every day a special day. I thank you, your staff and wish you all the very best

Bill Rosenblum

Hi Jack,


Just a heartfelt thank you from Elena and me for your kindness, generosity, and flexibility with Gabriel this summer. It takes very special people to understand the needs of families nurturing children with disabilities, as well as understanding the children themselves. The experiences and opportunities Gabriel had this summer provided him with a much more fulfilled life and gave him crucial skills to achieve his next milestones. Allowing him to integrate and socialize with kids who don’t have disabilities is so important to him (and us) and we hope it builds greater understanding and appreciation for children with down syndrome in the community.

As well, Nick and Kira had a wonderful summer with great memories to think back on over the coming year.

Looking forward to next year!!

Josh and Elena

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the best summer yet for my daughter Michelle.

I’ve already registered her for next year – there is no doubt that she would miss it!

You and your staff are the best – I will miss seeing you.  Take care, Anna



This was our 3rd year of camp for my older daughter and the first for my younger daughter and my kids absolutely love Mill Basin Day Camp.  I just want to thank you for making their summer so wonderful.  They talk about camp all year and can't wait to come back next year.  This year was a big step for me because my older daughter was an Explorer and had the overnight trips, at first I said there is no way you are going (because I am a very over protective parent) lol.  Then Maryellen begged and begged to go.  It was you and your staff that made me feel comfortable enough to let her go and I am so glad I did because she had a great experience and loved it.  I really just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and let you know how much we appreciate it.  I tell my bosses all the time I want to quit my job and go to camp lol.  I wish I went to Mill Basin Day Camp as a kid.  It really is an amazing camp and there isn't another one like it!  You should be really proud of your accomplishments and you are always thinking of more....  We can't wait for all the new activities next year!!!!  Have a great year!!



The Lassen Family 

Dear Jack,

This year not only did I send my daughter for the seventh year, I sent my niece.  She had the time of her life and for that I am grateful.  I was able to comfortably let my daughter do the sleep away trips and not worry.  We all had a great experience for summer 2012.

Thank you and all the staff.  Have a good winter.

Kathyann Clyne-Mandeville

My girls had the best summer and are looking forward to next summer already!!!


Thanks you sooooooooooo much!!!!

Kathleen Riccardi

It's been a GREAT SEASON for the campers. To quote Bianca; "BEST YEAR EVER"... Thanks so much for doing all you do.....For opening day next should wear a SUPERMAN suit :-)


Dear Jack,

     As I look at you in that muscular Spiderman costume, it seems like yesterday!  It was Christopher's first year this summer with you at Mill Basin, and boy did we start off with a bang!  I remember seeing you in the parking lot as spiderman as I was crazed that the bus did not pick up Chris.  You assured me of a full refund and to be compensated if I were to decide to bring him in myself.  After I calmed down everything worked out the way you said it would.  Chris had fun on the bus and a very exciting and eventful summer!  For this I thank you and your staff.  I only wish I had broken down and sent him years ago.

     We do not know what is in store course wise for Christopher who will be entering 7th grade and thinking of a high school to attend.  So on that note, have a wonderful year and we hope to see you next summer.  i am sure you will be seeing my daughter very soon at Mill Basin.  Thanks again!


 Ilene Quagliariello and Christopher

Jack, you have no idea how I brag about you to anyone who will listen.  I have never met a man who loves what he does as much as you.  You truly inspire me. We're you always so positive? It truly amazes me.  Thank you again for giving my son the opportunity to be a part of the Mill Basin Day Camp family. Without your generosity it would not have been possible.  He has had the best summers because of you!  He starts high school next month and hopefully he will be able to pay you back as a counselor when he is of age! Thank you again Jack!

Dear Jack, thank you for making my daugher's first camp experience an amazing one! I can't believe how she woke up every morning excited to go to camp, dancing at 7 am as she waited for the bus!!! Thank you & look forward to next summer!! Have a wonderful year.

Hi jack

I just wanted to say thank you for making Josh's (and my) first Summer Day Camp experience wonderful! I'm picking josh up at 3 so I may not be able to say thank you in person but we will see you next summer.

Caroline Lynch

To Jack and his entire team,
I just wanna say thank you for having my daughter this summer at your camp, it was one well spent., I didn't have any regrets. She wouldn't stop talking about how much fun she was having when she got home in the evening.Look forward to seeing you guys next summer please god,you have the best team, even the bus crew, wish I get the same bus crew back they are so polite.She were even upset she had to stop camp one wk early.

Listen all of you...jack and staff...thank you soooo much for providing my daughter juliana greco in teen quest with the best summer ever...and for me as well.....I'm so sad that it will end this Friday...looking forward to next summer....again u guys are a god send many thanks from juliana and mom daniela greco

WOW Jack, you don't stop impressing and exciting the kids as well as their parents!  Thank you for all the hard work you and all the staff members do to make each summer a memorable experience for all!


Jane Bartashnik

Thank you so much for the great summer you gave all the kids. They are very lucky to be in such a wonderful camp. We can't thank you enough.


Bill Rosenblum

Jack, this kids letter is so on!!!!! How true. Your staff, campers are just wonderful people. Including you, Edith and the girls in the office which make it all  run smoothly. I can say the same...My daughter's last year her after 10yrs coming and she too has made friends, sisters/brothers and it's helped Briel grow up even more. Sadly this is her last year unless two things. 1) I tell you she's entering 9th grade again, 2) Maybe she can work as a cit or assistant there next year???? But this has been the most wonderful thing my child's ever enjoyed and it's all thanks to you and your WONDERFUL STAFF!!!! I SAY THIS BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!!! MILLBASIN ROCKS!!!! THANKS FOR MAKING MY CHILDS SUMMERS THE BEST EVER!!! X0X0X0X

Dear Jack and Staff,


My daughter KaylinFigueroa, of group EG-5B, became ill on the Club Getaway trip last week.  Thankfully, it was nothing serious.


I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how wonderful her counselor India was in taking care of Kaylin and keeping me informed on how she was doing.  It was comforting knowing she was in good hands when I was not with her.


Thanks for another great summer,

Amy Lewis

To the Directors, Counselors, and Jack,
Thank you so much for providing my niece with the best summer she has had in many years. Everyday she has new stories to share about activities and trips that she participates in.
Have a great night,
Frances Samuel

I didn't regret sending my daughter to your camp this summer it was the best thing ever, she is so excited every morning , she's already talking about next year already.I would recommend anyone  to send their kids to your camp it's a very nice learning experience for them from the trips, to the activities and getaway trips.

As a first time participant parent, I am very impressed of your service. There is nothing to complain about. I feel very fortunate and grateful for my son to be one of your campers. I look forward for next year. You are so wonderful.
Jesula P.

It has been a great summer indeed!  Lauryn LOVES MBDC!  I as a parent am always sharing her positive experiences with others.  This is her 4th or 5th consecutive year at MBDC.  You and your staff are organized and a well seasoned team.  MBDC runs a GREAT program every summer for all your campers.  You and your staffers make MBDC a super fun place to be.  It is the reason Lauryn wants to come back every year.  It is with pleasure I have her return.

Keep up the great work!  Looking forward to 2012 Session 2!

All the best!

 Valerie Holden

I would like to Thank you and the counselors for making this experience wonderful for my son Joshua Lynch. He is enjoying camp and the counselors that are in charge of his group treat him very well. We as a parents appreciate the professionalism that your staff displays on a daily basis.  Thank you and please express my appreciation along to your staff.
Leonard Lynch


 Agreed, this has truly been a fantastic summer so far.  The trips have been wonderful and speaking for myself, Jason loves his counselors and group.  My kid is happy, I’m happy.  You have truly given him his best 10 summers ever!  What a way to end the run.  Don’t make fun of me if I cry at the end of August.

 Love MBDC!



Jack and MBDC team,
I truly wish to thank you and your team for giving my son, Alexander Phillips such a wonderful experience at your camp. He is totally enjoying himself, and my mind is at peace when he is there. Definitely looking foward to next year..


I must say, you all there at MBDC are so professional and thoughtful in so many ways.  Every little detail is thought out, and potential problems seem to be dealt with right away. I am very impressed.  I'm starting to understand how and why you guys work all year!


Thank you, again,

and please pass along my appreciation to Noelle and anyone else who was/is part of helping Emelie be all smiles while learning how to handle people who may not be that friendly towards her.

Very sincerely,

Lisa :)

Dear Jack,
Thank you for another successful trip! Jared and Ryan really enjoyed themselves and attribute a lot of the fun to Matt Resnick TQ9 and Jesse TQ 7B- Ryan was skeptical about "sleeping away" and he credits Jesse for an "amazing" time! Thanks for continuing to know what kids need after a arduous school year.
Michael and Madi Chan


I hope you know that you are the BEST!!!  Simply the best. I truly appreciate you.
Lisa L.

Good morning Jack/Edith,


I hope you are both well and enjoying the summer.  Just a quick note to say thank you for all you do for the kids – you and your staff go above and beyond everyday and I am so thankful.

Alex is having an amazing time (as usual).  We always cannot thank you enough for making camp such a wonderful experience year after year.


Ann Marie

Jack,  you may be hearing me say this many times throughout the summer but I can't help myself.  I need to thank you and your entire staff. The camp is like a well oiled machine that doesn't miss a beat. Everyone just does their job so well, cares so much and makes sure the kids are having a great time. The trips are so well organized and you and your staff certainly make the process stress free. Shanna is having the time of her life.


Thank you and thanks to your great staff.


Bill Rosenblum

I would like to thank you and your staff. I am so impressed to see a well organized camp and my son Josiah Henry loves it nad look forward to being at Mill Basin.
Rose J

Jack, I am so happy I made the sacarfic and send my 4 year old to your camp. He comes home everyday and says is it time to go back to camp yet? I love going to camp mommy. It's the best decision i made for my kid. I will join the early bird special and put both of them for next year. Thanks for providing a great and safe place for our children! MBDC ROCKS!!!!!

Our children attended for the first time this past summer.  All we can say is that we wasted many years when we could have come here.  The kids were treated great and came home every night wanting to go right back.  What we found most amazing is the camp owner is known by every parent we talked to and more importantly by each and every camper!  A first rate program in a wonderful facility with a great staff!
Thanks MBDC

Thank you for a wonderful summer. You make my children very happy on a daily basis....there is no price I can put on that.
Love, Shari

I Just wanted to say thank you for making Amanda’s summer "the best ever”.  I also wanted to give an honorable mention to Tara and Tia, two of

Amanda’s counselors. Amanda could not stop raving about them and how warm and caring they were.


Thanks again, and see you next summer!


Lisa Katz   

Dear Jack,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff. My sons had a great time this summer even with all the bumps and bruises LOL... Your staff handles everything with the utmost professionalism that I do in my business and demand from people I work with. You should be very happy with all of them even the Nurses at club getaway. I am glad that while I am at work everyday my sons get to run, play, explore  and make friends in a safe environment that I don't have  to worry about them and what is happening. Next year is the last year my sons will attend camp as campers I only hope that they can continue on after that to be cit's and go on to be councilors. Thank you again for so much fun and a worry free summer. See you soon

Phyllis Cangro

Gillani Homes

To the best Camp and Staff in all of Brooklyn, With regard to your very nice email, BRIEL AND I THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SUMMER ONE OF THE BEST (THE OTHERS WERE GOOD TOO) SUMMERS EVER! I survived, she survived and Briel truly had a great time, with great memories that will definitely go down in my journal that I will give her when she's older. Briel had so many firsts at Millbasin, all good, that I can't thank you enough.  For me personally, You and Edith have my utmost respect for running such a great camp and your hard work will never go unappreciated. You go out of your way to make these kids enjoy their summer!  Just one thing.... think about it. HOW ABOUT A GALA FOR THE PARENTS, (and counselors who do a great job too) or a pool (evening) party for one night.  The kids had a great 8 weeks, how about a great 1 night for the adults/staff as well.   lol

Jack, can't thank you enough! See you next year and the next and next ......


Eileen and Briel.


Many thanks to you and your staff. The MBDC program is second to none. Continue the great work your program provides. My daughter Lauryn Holden loves MBDC and looks forward to year #4 at MBDC! Lauryn Holden (EG5A) will back next year 2012, for sure!

All the best!

Valerie Holden

Thank you, Jack, and your wonderful staff for all the hard work you do.  You go above and beyond to make sure the children have the best summer ever.  Michelle has never been so happy and is sad that camp is ending tomorrow.  To tell you the truth, so am I.  We'll both have tears in our eyes when she gets off the bus tomorrow.


I wish you and your staff well.


Sincerely, Anna Metcalf

On behalf of the Morgan family, I would like to thank you for a wonderful summer!


I’ve never had a complaint about Mill Basin Day Camp – everything runs unbelievably smoothly (no small feat for a camp of this size), the activities are varied and interesting and my children have never said the word "boring” when discussing camp.  They both willingly wake up by 7:30 every morning because they do not want to miss a day.  Still, at the end of each summer we usually just tip the counselors and say goodbye.  This year, however, I was compelled to tell you about the wonderful counselors who worked with my children.  We were all very impressed and I thought you should know why.


Jasmine (EG5) was very anxious at the beginning of the summer because this was her first session experiencing overnight and late return trips.  The girls who lead her group were awesome!  They were so supportive, gently encouraging Jasmine to try new things (without ever suggesting that she was required to do anything) and really gave her a chance to come out of her shell even when she was nervous and homesick.  My daughter would ask them tons of questions before each trip (all the trips were new and more exciting to her, and she was nervous about a lot of them).  They always put her mind at ease by giving her as much information as they had available and reminding her that she never had to do anything she didn’t want to do.  They truly made her summer more fun than she ever believed it could be.  Jasmine has been at MBDC for a few years now, so I’m familiar with the camp and have never witnessed anything that made me uncomfortable.  STILL…being the worrying parent that I am…I have to admit that I fully expected to, at some point, find her counselors gossiping or texting instead of engaging or monitoring the girls (they are teenaged girls, after all).  This was NEVER the case, not even once.  I know this may seem like a minor issue, but it’s a big one for me and I cannot explain how much it put me at ease to realize that her counselors were ALWAYS involved in what the girls were doing.  Even when the campers are sitting at the tables waiting to be picked up, their counselors were talking to them or playing with them.  Jasmine confirmed that what I saw is pretty much the way it was all the time. 


Justin (AB1A) had to have the greatest group of young men running his group!  Joshua, Aaron, Eddie and Dimitri are four of the most friendly, polite and engaging counselors I have ever met.  Justin could not stop raving about each of them.  I believe Dimitri was injured earlier this summer (perhaps a sprained or broken ankle?) and he still participated (with a smile on his face) in the daily playtime I witnessed when dropping off my son!  I was also struck by their manners.  Even while surrounded (and sometimes covered) by jumping, screaming campers, at least one of them took the time to say "good morning” or "have a great day” to the parents. 


So, I’d have to say you guys have really done a great job selecting your counselors.  It was great to always know that my children were in a safe place with counselors who take their job very seriously.  We look forward to seeing you again next year!



Tanisha Morgan

Awesome!  Thanks for a fabulous year!  You did it again, Jack!!!  See you next year!
Debbie Anderson


This is the first summer my sons have attended your camp and they LOVE it!  Not one complaint this year.  They have had so much fun with all your activities and trips.  I cannot express my thanks and gratitude to you and your staff, counselors and assistances' for making my boys

summer camp experience a wonderful one!!!!   I even did the early bird

registration for summer 2012

....  yay!!!

Dear Jack: You and the MBDC "Family" are the Best!! Bless you all. Love Gabby & Family

Dear Jack, Just wanted to say "thank you" for a great trip today. The summer has been amazing! My friends and I really appreciate all you do for the Teens!

Sincerely, Jared Chan


Madelene S. Chan

Community School District 24. Superintendent


What wonderful things you're doing for our children. You're killing us w/these late pick

These kids and counselors gotta be exhausted!!!!  Put me down as a camper next year. I would love to go on these trips and be a teenager again!!! Tomorrow I'm turning 54 :( feel 30. Thanks Jack for giving these kids A WONDERFUL SUMMER!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, NUTS BUT THE BEST!!!! LMAO

Thanks for taking such good care of our kids Jack.

I like the way you demand that electronic devices do not belong in camp.  I totally agree with you!


wadler clan



A BIG THANK YOU, for always doing the right thing for the kids. Looking forward to being a stow a way on the bus tomorrow at Medievel Kidding!


Every day Briel comes home with a smile on her face and always tells me about her great day at camp. Thanks for making "our" summer worth while. You're the man!!!!!

Dear Mr. Grosbard,
                   Thank you for the wonderful informative updates from you and your staff.   This summer has been so far one of the best for my daughter and we are looking forward for more safe, entertaining, adventurous events.  Thank you and your patrolling crew for making traffic movable ( in spite of ALL the commotions).!   God bless and have a great day .  STAY COOL!

                                                                                                                          Mr./Mrs. Jean   

Thank you for taking care of my kids the way I would if I were there.  Thank you for the peace of mind knowing they are happy, safe, and attended to.


Contessa McNulty

Angelina came home the other day and could not wait to show us a pic of her on the website taken with an underwater camera.  MBDC is definitely the place for us!!!!  Keep up the good work.



Richard Russo

Dear Jack;

             Thanks for always keeping the Children first. You are the very best!!

            Love Ya!! Rock & Family


Hi Jack,


Hope all is well, I just wanted to let you know that the young girls that assit in the PS-2A group are wonderful! They are all very sweet, & helpful! It takes alot to impress me & I truly am. Couldn't ask for a better group for Angelica.


You are doing a great job running your establishment, &  I  will be sure to spread the word.



Sylvia & Angelica Stefanile

Hi Mr. Grobard 
I must say my son Tahir has been having such a wonderful time at the camp that on weekends he can't wait for Monday to come. I thank you and the whole stuff.
Marie Legrand

Hi there,


This is Jayson's first year at MBDC and he's having a ball!  It appears that we only signed him up for Session I.  As we approach the end of Session I, I don't know how I would tell him that he would not be returning for Session 2.  That being the case, can he still enroll for Session 2 and if so, what is the additional cost?


Thanks for providing a safe and fun camp environment for the kids.  You guys are first class!



Lourdes Archer

Thank you Jack for organizing this trip, Angelina truly enjoyed it.

I also want to thank you for your dedication and passion for what you do!

Sincerely, Jane Bartashnik

Thanks for all your help!  Both nicholas and anthony are having a great summer!

I know you do not hear this enough, I wanted to let you know just how much my children enjoyed day camp this year.  This was both their first year of camp and each day they both looked forward to going. Owen has grown tremendously independent and has raved about his teaches in the PS2 class.  Marissa on the other hand has come leaps and bounds from when she moved in with us just two months ago. She lost her mom in January and basically lost her way and got caught up with the wrong group of friends during her time of sadness. If you remember she was the camper that came to camp for the first week with heavy eye make-up and stick straight hair (which she straightened every morning) skinny jeans and the hoodie (in the middle of summer). Thanks to the councelors of TQ 7B she has learned how to be a kid again. Yes she does have her moments, but I am just glad that you guys have had a hand in helping my niece deal with her mom's death in a positive way. She is more talkative and participates in almost everything we do now. And for this we cannot thank you and your staff enough. With my husband being in the Army, we move almost every 3 years and this has been one of the best experiences we have had since moving to New York City, except of course the Aviator for Owen to play hockey. We will be seeing you next summer, and maybe during the school breaks for mini camp. We proudly tell everyone who asks what our kids do during the summer while we work that we send them to Mill Basin Daycamp. It is well worth the money I invested this year. And its always nothing but the best for my kids.
Charity Collins

I just wanted to say thanks so much for giving both of my children the best summer, as always you guys have out done yourselves.  They had a great time, and this was my son's first summer there, and he really enjoyed himself. looking forward until next summer. Thanks again, have a great year!!!!!
 sent with appreciation and love,
The Bennett Family!!
see ya next year 

Great pictures... first time in years that I finally saw Briel in more than 1 picture. Thanks for making her summer (and mine) so much fun.
You and Edith and the entire staff are so wonderful and truly appreciated!!!! We love ya
Eileen Freeman

Thanks for a wonderful summer.  Justin and I are leaving on our last vacation of summer tomorrow (Fri) afternoon.  I saw Myles at the Ball, which by the way was wonderful, he told me that a good time to pick Justin up was right after lunch at 12:50.  So Justin's last day of camp will be shortened by a few hours.  He was so excited today coming home with his lost hat.  He says he doesn't know who found it but that it was on the table when he came in today.  I want to thank you again for taking the time to look for it as we would be unable to replace it this year.  Tomorrow I will also be signing up for next summer and we are all looking forward to another wonderful summer.

Lynn and Eddie Aleman

Hi Jack!


Initially we weren't sure if we wanted to do summer camp this year. My mom owns a daycare center and Ethan (ps2) could've attended that for free for the entire summer. But he grew up there and we wanted to give him the opportunity to experience a true summer camp. Although MDBC was more expensive, it turned out to have been an excellent decision. Ethan truly loved the experience, and you do a wonderful job with the camp. There is a reason why this camp has t he best reputation in Brooklyn, and in my experience all things (good and bad) come from the top. I love how involved you are.


 One more thing. I have to commend 3 people in his group.


First is of course  Lera. All the counselors were wonderful, but Ethan really attached himself to Lera, and when I told him tomorrow is the last day he started to cry saying "but I am going to miss Lera." as much as he loved all his teachers I think that really says something that Lera was his first thought.


The other two people he really fell in love with is Karen and Sally. For some reason he cant pass by Karen without giving her a hug. I asked him why and he said "I love her!" he is Four, so things are simple as that. When I asked him who his favorite teacher was he told me Sally.  I asked him why. If you guessed "because I love her" you are correct. 

Everybody was great, but these 3 are the ones who connected with Ethan the most, and I just wanted to let you know how fabulous they are.

We already registered for next year.



thank you and your fabulous staff.  Maria was so excited listening to the voice mail you left her and your singing happy birthday to her.  She really enjoyed her self every day.  Unfortunately her asthma was triggered and she missed last week but she was so happy to come back the last few days.   

I would like to let you know that this year the camp experience was wonderful. My child Allen Gonsalves had
such wonderful counselors I couldn't  ask for any better.  
Thanks Again, The Gonsalves Family

H Jack
It was indeed a fabulous summer. Thank you for making wonderful for both my kids as a camper and as Staff.


Kimberly Bacchus

Dear Jack & Staff,

Thank you so much for another great summer @ camp. My Son Frankie D’Agosto had a blast and made such wonderful friends. Your staff as always are great to the children and my son loved all is counselors this year. They really made camp so much more fun for him.  


Looking forward to seeing you guys next year!!!!!


Andrea D'Agosto

Jack and staff


Another summer well done!  Thanks again for another wonderful summer experience for my twin daughters Azaria and Jaida.  They only missed one day of camp in 8 weeks and I had to beg them so stay home (because they were sick)  They truly enjoyed it, you have a fabulous staff.  They are already registered for next summer.


I feel like I'm dropping them off at Uncle Jack's house every


Thank you again


PS.  How many costumes do you own? 


Lilly Clouden



You are truly a godsend.  My daughter has had the best summer by far this year.  As I put her on the bus, I cried tears of happiness knowing that you and your staff gave her memories that will last a lifetime.  I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the stupendous job you do each and every day.  I will miss you all very much.  Take care and have a good fall/winter/spring until next summer.


Sincerely, Anna Metcalf

Michelle Metcalf EG-6

To Jack and All Staff of MBDC:
I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for the years of summer enjoyment you've given my daughter, Olivia Morgan.  I'd also like to thank you for all the summers of freedom I've enjoyed as a result of having somewhere trustworthy to send her.

 Your commitment to children is admirable.  I wish you many more years of growth and success.

 All the best for the rest of this summer and for all summers to come.

 Marcia Lawrence


I just wanted to shoot you an email and thank you for placing David with such amazing counselors.  Dane, Daniel, Luke and Harrison of AB-2B were daily topics of conversation in my house and they made David want to go to camp every single day.  Even my nephews in Pennsylvania want to come to MBDC to meet these guys!   They are personable, friendly and incredibly helpful.  If they are there again next year, please make sure David is with them.

Thanks for another great summer!

Best Regards,

Janina Casey

Every morning when I am stressed out from the kids, work, traffic, etc I always look forward to making that turn into your driveway.


I know no matter how I feel just before that turn, that once I see you in your outfits, I will smile and sometimes laugh out loud. 


Thank you for the smiles,


Karen Cofresi

I just wanted to thank you and let you know this was definately Nicholas' best summer yet  (AB-2B)!  He was so excited to come to camp every morning and was so happy when we picked him up.  He would be smiling and laughing and wanted to tell us all about his day.  Even the terribly hot humid days didn't slow him down.  The counselors were all amazing - Nicholas still cannot say who was his favorite, he loved them all.  I'm sure you realize nothing is better than seeing your kid so happy.  You guys never let us down!!!!

Have a great year,

Shelagh LaMendola

My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for yet another fantastic summer at MBDC!  You truly are one-of-a-kind.  You make what you do look so easy, yet it is any means.  Keeping children (and their parents) happy year after year is not an easy task.  It only happens because of people like you...again, I thank you so very, very much.


Oh yeah, and thanks for sending my daughter home crying this year (again).  Her tears that camp has ended and she can't wait until next summer only reinforces the fact that MBDC delivers such an amazing camp experience that the children are sad when it ends.  Not many camps can boast about that I assure you.  You are most definitely in a class all your own!!


Many blessings and see you next year!!



Good evening Jack,


First of all I love the pics you just sent out, and both of my children had a great time tonight. 

My children are already looking forward to nex year, and they can't wait for my little one to join them.  I wouldn't have been able to do it with out your help.

I hope you have a wonderful year.



Alison Mayleas    (Tyler & Emily too!)

Wow! Thank you so much the kids have a ball. I must say you did a great job this year and it's seems every year @ camp it gets better & better. I am so looking forward to next year.

My son had a blast at the Royal ball last night!!!!


Andrea D'Agosto

Dear Jack,

I can't believe this is the last week of camp.  I thought it would be a good time to tell you what a fabulous summer my son Jason had at MBDC.  It's hard to believe he started MBDC before entering Kindergarten and now just finished up his first summer of Teen Quest.

I wanted to tell you (although you already know) what an outstanding summer of trips and activities you planned for the kids.  For those like mine that don't want to attend sleepaway camp, I can't imagine it any better than this.  I think what you do for the kids is amazing, and the Sleepover this past Friday was awesome.  Jason and his friends had a blast.  I don't know if I should thank you or not because returning to school is going to be difficult after the summer they had.....only kidding!  :-) You left nothing out.  Two more years to go...what great experiences the children at MBDC have had. 

Thanks again for making this such a wonderful summer.  Of course, I would never leave out Edith.  We love her and she's terrific at everything she does. MBDC has become a second family to ours.




Dear Jack,

My daughter is Alexandra Baker in AG-IB and today is her lat day of camp for this season.  When my husband and I were researching what to do with Alex for the summer as we both work full-time, we knew we wanted her to have experiences beyond the four walls of a typical day care program. 

As a former Principal, Superintendent and now Deputy Network Leader of a Children First Network, my standards for Alex' care and education are quite high.  She is a student at one of my Network schools so she does not have school friends in the neighborhood.  Instead, she attends dancing school and gymnastics in the neighborhood and it is from parents I met through Alex' extra curricula activities that I first learned of MBDC.  My husband and I attended one of the open houses in the Spring and immediately enrolled her.

Jack, it is hard to convey how happy we have been with Alex' experiences a MBDC.  Alex wakes up every morning excited about the day to come.  When I pick her up in the afternoon, she tells me all about her day and the friends she played with and the activities she participated in.  She is well on her way to being an independent swimmer and  I have watched her become a more confident and independent 6-year-old. This is all a direct outcome of the amazing program you have crafted and the staff you have so carefully selected to care for my child as well as the other 1400 children at MBDC.

I would also like to compliment your office staff.  My experiences have been extremely positive, as well.  All of my questions were answered expeditiously and I always felt welcome at drop off  in the morning and when I picked Alex up in the afternoon.

So, Jack, I thank you.  MBDC will be Alex' summer experience as nothing else, in my opinion, could even come close!

Warmest regards,


Ann Marie Lettieri-Baker

Yesterday Justin came home with his camp pictures.  We were all thrilled, Justin is very happy to show us his friends from camp and we have a great picture of him to remember his wonderful summer he had at Mill Basin.  Wanted to let you know it is wonderful that you provide the pictures and to thank you also.We will be registering Justin for next year as he had such a wonderful time. 
Again Thank You for having such a great program.

Lynn and Ed Aleman

Janet posted something on your Wall and wrote:


"my son is having the best camp experience this year, he cant wait for next year!!!!"

"I love Mill Basin Day Camp - my daughter is having the best summer of her life!"


Hi Jack,

I came into work this morning to find your email about the teens possibly going bowling today... I just want to again thank you for all you do for the children.  Without your generosity my son would never have a chance to experience summer camp.  I spoke to you briefly while waiting for the children to return from Splish Splash.  I was asking hole old your children were and talking to you about the Broadway show, American Idiot.  Your camp is wonderful.   I have gotten 3 people to join this year.  i would continue to spread the word.  i do work full time, but if there is anything I can ever do to help out please just ask. 



Toni Freda

(Alexander Freda's mom)


My son Atticus has been having a wonderful time at camp so far.

I just want to reiterate what you are hearing from other parents!  We are so happy with his experience. 
Your staff have been so helpful -- everyone from Edith and the office staff to Karen in the Pre School program and all of Attie's counselors as well. 

Thanks for helping to make life long memories for our son and our family.



My 5 year old grandson is attending your summer camp program for the first time.

He sings praises about all the fun he's having and friends he's making.

I visit your website everyday to view your daily photos in the hopes of finding him while he's enjoying himself. Been copying and collecting pictures of him so at the end of his camp adventure, I can present him with a photo album, reminding him of all the wonderful times he had at MBDC.

From the pictures, I can see that your environment appears well planned for, providing a great setting for fun and different activities for varied ages. Posting your daily pictures makes this granny, a happy "camper".

Just want to thank those of you, who work very hard everyday.

Dealing with children is a rewarding job, but quite challenging.

Want you to know how appreciated you are.

Have a great day and try to stay cool.

It's me, James' Mom - I wanted to thank you so much for talking to the kids in my son's group during the 1st week of camp - whatever you said was great because my son quotes you a lot. Maybe these kids all need a pep talk from you once in a while. Some of the kids this year curse the counselors, some of the counselors, in passing, curse each other playfully and of course my son hears and repeats it all! I try to raise my son as a kind person and as a respectful little boy but some parents do not think like you and I do. Maybe the kids need another talk from JACK!!! Thanks as always - you really are the best. I appreciate you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

this summer has been a wonderful for experience for Thomas and us too. He'll be back next year for sure. Have an awesome rest of the summer!

i just wanted to say that i enjoy looking at the pics on the website.  it is so nice to see everyone having such a great time.....YOU RUN THE BEST CAMP IN BROOKLYN!




Melissa is so excited about her first overnight as i am sure most of the explorers are smile

thanks so much for all.


you da bomb!


best regards always


Hello Jack.  Thank you for all of your updates.   I just want to let you know that Steven is loving going to camp.   He let's all his friends know how wonderful it is going to your camp.  Thank you for all of your hard work in providing such a memorable camp experience for my son!!!

All the Best!


No Jack, the compliments go out to you & your staff!
You guys did a wonderful job. The forsighte to rearrange trips so the kids won't be miserable  I really appreciated! I'm not sure the other camps in the area would have gone through the trouble to do that.


Thank you for caring!

Kimberly, Kamryn  & Kurston Bacchus-Larode

We can see why you’ve been in business so long and continue to keep growing every year.

The fact that you add something new every year is amazing.  Michelle is so excited about Drama, Karaoke and Bingo.

She’s been telling all her friends at school about it.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you!!! And a "hats off", no "hats on" (corny I know )  to you and the ENTIRE staff of MBDC...only you wonderful, hardworking ladies and gents can pull a day like this off and STILL the campers came home happy.  The campers are in a league of their own and staying home was not an option for them---hello? can anyone say BOREDOM?!!  WAY TO GO CAMPERS!!

It's important for us parents to hear that about our children and those charged with their care. The weather has been dreadful and yet my son, Jack has come home happy.

Thank you, Jacqueline Tansey

Hi Jack, I want to say, you and your staff did a fabulous job this camp season. Edith and the office staff is always so willing to answer questions and be helpful to us parents and I appreciate Edith's patience so much. Mark and Sal were always on the ball with whatever problem I needed to have addressed or solved. The camp counselors were awesome I thought Mark and Christine from Teen Quest were superb in making me feel comfortable with all the sleep away trips. Phil from Stars Boys is Wonderful. I completely trusted that my son was safe and he would have fun in Phil's group. You, Jack as the kids would say is "The Bomb". Your greetings in the morning was always exciting. Your leadership is outstanding and you provided the best camp experience for the children. You are always willing to listen and be of assistance and I appreciates that. I will always recommend Mill Basin Day Camp to friends and family. There were two campers, one who traveled from New Orleans and my little niece who attended this year because of my sons experiences at your camp last year. Have a wonderful summer and a great rest of your year.

The Morales Family

Dear Jack and Staff,

     This was our son Samuel's first year at this camp.  He was in EB-6A.  We just wanted to tell you that he loved it.  We did not have to worry from the time he got on the bus because we knew he would be taken care of.  The bus driver and bus counselor of bus 15, were wonderful. Whenever there was a problem or concern it was immediately addressed.  On one of the overnights our son misplaced his money, I called the camp and within a few minutes Kevin gave my son money. (of course I gave it back to him when the kids got home).  We also loved the way the website is designed where you keep us up to date on all activities.  The gala at the end of camp was great.  My son had a great time and I thought it was a great idea.  I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks.  We will certainly be back next year.


Thank you,


Marc and Ilia Liff

Thank you Jack and staff for another wonderful summer. Steven had a blast this summer and made some life-long friends. As always, you and your staff have made it a fun & memorable summer and we look forward to next year!!! Steven has also expressed interest in working for you, that's how much he enjoys being there and doesn't ever want to leave!!!  Thank you for a truly pleasant summer and for all the wonderful places you've taken my son!!!

Have a great year and looking forward to the summer of "2010      
                                                                                         ~ Angela and Steve Fattore

Good Morning 
  Today is the last day of camp and I wanted to Thank all the staff at Mill basin camp for making my son's 4 week enjoyable.  He truly loved it.  He wants to come back next summer.  You will definitley see us next summer.  Thanks again for making it a fun time for him.
Rachael Ali-Permell















To Jack & MBDC Staff,


Just want to take the time to say Thank You to you and your staff.  This was my son Justin's first camp experience and he had a BLAST!!! Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Justin  has already expressed that he wants to come back next year. So with that, we will see you next year!!!


PS-A very special "Thank You" to the counselors of Group AB-2A.



Lauren Farnell



I wanted to say thank you, once again, for the wonderful job you did this past summer.  My daughter & I were both sad when we got up this morning since it’s the last day of camp. You’ve went above and beyond in all that you did this summer.  My hats off to you and your staff for running the best summer camp in all of Brooklyn.

Metcalf, Anna

Dear Jack

I want to say thank you for making my son have such a great camp experience and how happy he was with all the fun trips, the friends he made and the exciting things he was able to do.. Also my thanks to your wonderful staff for taking care of him and doing all the fun things with him to make is day so fun!


P.S.. I sent an envelope this morning in my sons camp bag and want to make sure all the counselors received my tips enclosed in the addressed envelopes with there names on it.

Last and final thing today is my sons last day and would like if you can send me his camp picture when it comes in. If you recall you took the photo for me and was going to give it to your photographer because Frankie was not in the day you have the photo’s taken for the children who missed it the first time.


See you next summer!!!!!!


Andrea D'Agosto

Just wanted to thank you for the best summer ever!  Every year camp gets better and better!

There is a reason that you are known as the best day camp in Brooklyn and that is because you really have it all together.  I love the structure and everything about MBDC.

Thanks for the Gala last night.  Josh and Melissa had a blast!  Can't wait to see the pics.

Thanks again for offering such a great place to send our children year after year.



much love and thanks

jack and lisa wadler


can't wait til next summer! :)

To Jack, this Godsend of a Staff and the entire MBDC Family,


I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the hard work, dedication and love, yes, love, that you guys put into this camp and the children each and every year.  It is a true comfort to any parent knowing you are sending your child off to camp each day to a place where they are nurtured yet given the freedom to discover who they are.  My children without fail always end their summers at MBDC camp a little older and a lot more sure of themselves.


Also, I feel it worth mentioning that it didn't go unnoticed (at least by me) that with the economy being the way it is, MBDC didn't allow itself to compromise it's reputation that it has worked so, so hard to build for so many years by scaling back on anything that they've have been know to deliver each year--needless to say our money was once again, even in these tough economic times, well spent.


My son Glenn has shared many years with MBDC (roughly 5-6 years)  and although he has made a decision that he no longer wishes to attend summer camp--I do believe Glenn will walk away with so many memories that he will reflect on from time to time... especially during summertime since MBDC has been such a big part of his summers.


Good daughter Lauren doesn't EVER want to leave MBDC and, still have a "Testa in da howse".  See you next summer!! 

thanks Jack. 
Just want to let you know that this is our fifth year with you guys and my daughter is always looking forward to summers at your camp.
Great job!
Mrs. Levin

There are times for complaints, but praise must also be given.  Since my daughter is in Pre-K, I was extremely nervous about sending her off to camp.  I would just like to say that I was very impressed when I brought my daughter, Jessica McIntosh, to camp on Monday for pictures.  Just by observing the goings on while I was there, I now feel so much more confident and happy that I chose MBDC for her first camp experience. 


 While I was there, I observed Jack overseeing all that was going on;  campers were playing, swimming, taking photos, groups coming and going so orderly, etc.  It was really refreshing to see that the owner was on site, and out there with watchful eyes.  It is obvious that he can be anywhere in the camp facility, at any time, taking notice of the way things are running.


I must also add that Jack really seems to listen to the parents’ concerns and does his best to implement change where it may be needed.  Prior to sending my daughter on the bus, I was quite concerned.  I had heard a lot of negative feedback about the bus service, and I personally knew a few parents that had stopped sending their young children on the bus in the prior year(s).  My concerns were that the children were not being seat belted in, and that at times the bus would pull away before the children were seated, sending the children stumbling in the aisle.  In addition, I had heard that there were bus counselors that seemed to be talking, with no concern of getting the child on / off the bus.  I have to say, that while Jack informed me that seatbelts are not required on the children on the bus, he stated that all pre-school children would be buckled in.  In addition, I was uneasy about my pre-school child going on the bus with much older children,  so I had requested that she sit up front. 


It has only been three days so far, but each morning the bus counselor has taken my daughter’s camp bag while she got on the bus, and seat belted her in directly in back of the bus driver.  In addition, I was quite impressed that there were not only teenagers watching over the children, but women of all ages that care for our children on a daily basis.  What’s more, is that when I went into the camp office, a full staff  was there.  I must say that Jack really was straight forward with us parents.  I definitely am glad that he is in charge, and I now feel more confident in the large staff that is under the direction of him, Edith, Karen and the others.


Thank you all for doing more than "Just a job" with our children.



Elissa McIntosh





In a bad economy, spend your money on something your kids will love and a place where you can feel sace about leaving your children. I have never seen my kids more excited to get up in the morning. The camp owner, Jack is truly a special person who cares about each and every kid and their families. There is a reason they have over 1400 campers every year. Oh yea, how many camps in Brooklyn, NY do you know that have outdoor AND indoor pools!  Love, R. R.


the camp rocks this is my 7th or 8th year and i luv it everything and everyone is so nice i cant put it in words i made bff's there that rock (jordan dana brinnia cesca olivia melanie sabrinia etc) parents dont listen to the negative comments so far its been a blast and i cant wait till more luv sheri 


im starting mill basin this summer, and when i went to the open house i was like wow! the councelors and kids i met were extremly nice- unlike my other camp where the kids were snotty and stuck up and the councelors didnt care what you did. the pools and everything are really cool. if you havnt registered there yet, you really should!   Marc Stein


Don't trust a website...see for yourself!...Don't you think there is a reason for 1300 kids wanting to go there? Give them a call. Better yet take a look! Our kids (3 of them) have loved it for 3 years!  Cuz4Eva




the camp is absoluly amazing.The owner interacts with the kids.. outside everyday in different costumes, the couslers and rest of the staff are hand picked and great with the kids. The camo has everything and is always improving. i would reccoment this camp to any and everyone 


Wow, my first year here and I had a BLAST!! It had to be the best campo ever. The hate described here was what happened in my old camp, but this is awesome. So many activities, and everyone is treated fairly by the counselors. I made some of the best friends that I still have today, and I know next year teen quest will be twice as good!!!! LOVEEEEE-----------------Melissa 


The very best! Anyone writing negative things about this camp is being ridiculous. The staff and ownership of Mill Basin Day Camp are the most caring people we've ever come across. There are reasons that this program has grown so popular and is now the largest camp program in Brooklyn. Read the negative reviews and see that they were written by disgruntled campers who probably didnt get there way. As a parent of 2 kids in camp, one that is invloved and speaks daily to other parents, I can tell you that no one, and I mean no one cares about the kids in their charge more than they do. The value of the money you pay goes way beyond just swimming and sports. They do so much with all the campers and spare no expense when it comes to security and safety. The best way to judge is to go see the people who run the program and decide for yourself if that's where your children shouls be. You'll see very quickly that MBDC is for you! 


Wonderful camp. This is my daughters 3rd year and loves it. My son this is his 2nd year and is doing okay. The counselors treat both my children with respect and concern for the health and safety. They also have very helpful with my son in many aspects. I highly recommend this camp to all.  John Montagne


Everyone has mixed feelings about MBDC because it's sometimes a hit and miss. I've been going here for 9 years and I love it, but there were some counselors that I didn't like at all and there were some that I absolutely loved. Sometimes the trips aren't good, sometimes they're awesome. In the end, I always end up having a great summer. Despite what everyone says, I love it, and when I'm older, I definitely will become a counselor. 


I LOVE this camp!!!! There are fun activities for evey1 evryy age!!!! Swimming, basketball, hanball,computer,trips luv it last year was my first year and im going back until i cant go anymore!!! which will b after i finish counseling!!!  Jamie Roitberg


Okay, I don't know what everyone's saying. This camp is absolutely amazing. Forget the facilities. There's very few people who truly don't like this camp, and I guess they're the ones rating it. Anyway, the camp has really great counselors most of the time, and we care. I'm a counselor there. Yeah, that's right. I went there and I liked it enough to go and become a counselor. Mill Basin will always live in everyone's heart that gave it a chance - Maria :)


Omg!!! I love this camp and i stilll go there! It is sooo much fun cuzz i have been going there for 6 full years! It is the best! All the other camps are bad but MILL BASIN DAY CAMP ROCKS! also, you kinda have to have friends cuzz its hard to make friends in like 5th grade and stuff so get there as early as possible! 


OMG! I went here since I was 4 and I loved it! The counselors are like the best ever and the overnights rocked! I love Mill Basin! : The Donna Dou!

Dear Jack, Edith, Kevin and all the wonderful staff at MBDC,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for making this summer Noah's "best yet" (his words).  My fondest memories are those from day camp.  I'm glad that Noah will get to have the same experience (as he will be attending your camp for years to come).  We love the facilties and the variety of activities and trips.  Noah would come home with exciting stories each day.  I enjoyed viewing the pictures on the website, as they would allow me to see what went on throughout the day.

It is no wonder that your camp came so highly recommended.  It is worth every penny!

Have a wonderful year!  See you next summer!Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. :-)

Lisa Suarez (Noah Sellers' mom - EB5A)

Dear Jack and Staff..
          I just want to express my gratitude for making my children's summer the best one yet.. This was their first year at Mill Basin,.My children were in another camp last year and I wont get into the nightmare those people were I was nervous sending them to camp again. But other families that I knew reassured me how wonderful your camp is, and needless to say this was the  best choice. My son who was painfully shy has come out of his shell so much I don't recognize him.. Its amazing. I'm so happy with the way you run your camp.  Your counselors for your groups AG2A and AB1Aare a special group of kids..You have no idea what this camp has done for my son's confidence. For this, the way my children were cared for, respected, and treated. my family will always be grateful . Thank you .....
See you next year
 The Machin Family

To Jack And entire staff:
 Thank you for giving my daughter Taina Bennett a great and wonderful summer. She had the best time, and the camp is well worth it.  See you all next year, her second year in the adventures grop, and have a safe and great year.  You have the most profesional and polite staff.
The Bennett Family   

Dear Jack, 
      I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful summer.  Jonathans' counselors were absolutely terrific.  They worked well together and with the kids.  I think this was Jonathan's best season.  I would love it if they all came back to be Jonathan's counselors again.
     Erin also had a good summer the counselors were great with her especially Jessica Neiberg.  She was the best.
      Thanks again for everything.  Have a happy and healthy year.
See you next summer:)
Nancy Eisenberg

Hi Jack,

I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to send Noah to camp.  He had "the best summer of his life" and can't wait to go back next year. 
Please thank Edith, Kevin and all the staff for making Noah's summer so memorable.

Best regards,
Lisa Suarez

Hi guys:
I want to thank all of you for taking care of and teaching the Solomon triplets.  They have attended your camp since they were five years old, now they will be fourteen.  It's there last
year and they will truly miss you guys.  Thank you Jack, Edith, David and all the great people that work there.
Love you,
Hope Solomon

Hello guys and gals.
Emily and I just received her pictures from Camp.  I had no idea that she was getting them.  Just wanted to say thanks.  Great package this year!
Enjoy the off season.
Tara and Emily (Bosiacki)

Hello Mill Basin Day Camp Staff

I would like to thank you for providing a camp experience unlike any other that my child has attended. She had a wonderful time! She often spoke of the fun she had with her counselors and friends. Jack's presence in the parking lot wearing the various wigs gave us a big laugh and was a wonderful way to begin the day. Sal's presence and assistance was also greatly appreciated. He made sure everyone was okay. 
We look forward to another great year at the camp in July 2009. Thanks for all you have done.

Sincerely,  Michelle Brown and Ariana Barrett (Camper who broke her arm in July 2007)

MBDC Staff,

Thank you for another great summer.  Angelica (EG-5B), had another wonderful time in your camp.  Her counselors: Dana Hirsch, Nicole Passalacqua, Yana Petruschina and special thanks to Samantha Chomin were awesome with her.

This was her first year doing overnight and my daughter is not the type that spend the night without her parents,  But, since her brother Marcus was also going with his group and she had a great team of counselors it made it very easy for her to part.  She looks forward for next year overnights.  All the trip she attend she had wonderful things to say everytime she came home.

Thank you once again for allowing my son Marcus to be employed for the summer he really enjoy working with the kids.  He is also looking forward to helping out again next year.

The Gala was great they both had a blash.  The pictures were nice memories for both.

Thank you and we look forward in seeing you in 2009.

Have a wonderful year.

Very Happy Camper & Counselor Parents

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Maloney

Dear Jack and Staff,
I want to take this opportunity to "Thank You" for giving my daughters a wonderful summer experience. My daughters had never attended camp 'full time' and I was nervous that they would not adjust well. However, the girls loved every minute of their time there with all of you and could not wait till the next day to return for more fun! It is a great feeling to know, as a parent, that your children are in good hands, safe and happy!
Many thanks to you and your team for all of your efforts and hard work.
We will definitely see you next year,

Hi Jack:
Yes...the summer season did go by fast...Samantha had an amazing summer this she does every year at Mill BASIN DAY CAMP.
Gail L. ABT
P.S. Samantha had a great time at the Gala as always!

I cannot believe another wonderful summer at MBDC is coming to an end!  The Lewis boys had the best summers of their lives.  Alex enjoyed another year of being a counselor and bus counselor.  He didn't mind leaving at 6:55 AM to meet the bus.  I wonder if he'll feel the same way about getting out of the house for school?  David loved his first year in Teen Quest.  The  overnight trips were great and he is looking forward to next year.  Summers at MBDC are a great incentive to doing well in school!
Once again I thank you for providing a wonderful place for my sons to spend their summers.  We wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Caroline Lewis

You guys (MBDC) staff are doing a great job, my daughter Sasha Thomas is really enjoying herself.  This is a first year at camp and she is just thrilled with the activities, which makes me very happy. Keep up the good work.
Natacha Joseph-Chin
  Hi Jack and staff (obviously too many to name!),

Just wanted to let you know that this is my daughter's (Jenna Graffeo) first year at MBDC after 6 years at another camp.  She tells me every day how much she loves MBDC and she can't wait til next year when she'll be an explorer and can go on overnight trips.  She's already asking if I'll let her go.  Also, my son Vincent is working there for the first year (CIT-stars) and he loves it as well.  He loves working with the kids and thinks it's a great place.  He said it's too bad I didn't send him there as a camper.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do every day to make this experience a great one for them, which in turn, is great for me too!!  I'd hate to pick up miserable kids every day.

Enjoy session two!


Ellen Graffeo
Dear Jack and Staff,
I just really want to say thank you to you and your wonderful staff.  I send you an email before with some concerns, but i am sending you this one now to tell you how glad and comfortable I am to have my son Ronaldo Rodriguez at MBDC.  Your staff is just amazing and I particularly want to highlight on Kevin the Explorers manager. He has been super patient when I keep calling him just to make sure that Ronaldo is behaving well, he was extraordinary to call me on the overnight trip to Lancaster to ask for permission to give Ronaldo some Pepto Bismol for stomach discomfort and assured me that he was going to be okay.  I could keep going, but like my son says you don't have so much time to be reading my long emails.  In conclusion THANK YOU and THANK YOU to your WONDERFUL staff, who are so dedicated and truly appears to love what they do.
Iris Rodriguez
Thank you so much for a great summer my daughter look forward to going to camp every morning.
Thanks again

 Just wanted to let you know, all day I worried about my poor daughter in the heat, but she came off the bus happy and relaxed and excited about her day.  I'll never doubt you again!!

You are all amazing!!

Shelagh LaMendola

(Andriana's mom, AG-2B)



Dear Jack and Edith and all the counselors that have come in contact with my children.

First, thank you for hiring my son Marcus at his first job.  I didn't know what to do with him this summer he is to old to send to camp and I didn't want him just hanging around doing nothing.  Working at your camp has given him a different attitude toward being responsible.  As tired as he maybe from keeping up with his group he is up every morning and hates to be late (never has).  I hope he was as helpful to your campers as you being to him.  Maybe he can return next year again.  Thank you for giving him this opportunity.

Second, my daughter Angelica (Stars SG4) what can I say you keep her so busy she all tired out by the time I get home to her.  She has enjoy herself so much and wish that I had put her in for the entire summer(me too).  From the arts and crafts to swimming in pool there is nothing she doesn't like.  All the trips she has enjoy very much.  She made many friends.  She loves all her counselors. We know this is the camp for her no more searching for us.

Once, again thank you, thank you, thank you.  You run an amazing camp.  You have chosen the right staff for this place.  We hope you stay in business for a very long time.

AnaMaria & Mark Maloney parents of Angelica & Marcus

  Hi Jack and everyone else.....

I just wanted to thank you guys now... even before camp ends... for an AMAZING summer! Hannah is six and had a hard time the past 2 years at camp. It seems that this was the year for her, and the camp choice was the BEST! She is having a ball, has no problems saying good-bye in the morning, and occassionally cries on the way home because the day is done! You run a great, fun-filled camp, and I just wish I was still six!

Thanks again!

Stacey Eisenberg
(Hannah's Mommy)

 Build - A - Bear day was such a wonderful thing to do. we are creating caring leaders of tomorrow.
raquel bradley
(danessa bradley eg6]

Hey Jack,
Can I come to camp too and Build-A-Bear?  What an awesome idea!  Jason couldn't wait to get to camp today and neither could his buddies.
Thanks for taking the pictures and for giving my child a great summer as if only you had air-conditioned buses (hint, hint)
Susan Rosenblum

Hey Jack - just a quick hello to tell you that the Build a Bear day is a nice and unexpected extra!!  - Of course the girls are having another great summer - that makes 10 for 10.  Thanks for that!
Stacey Abramson

Danessa pointed out the billboard on flatbush ave last night that includes her picture. sometimes we get busy with our lives and important little things goes unnoticed. they say it takes a village to raise a child, i'm happy we're in the same village.
thank you for including her picture in you ad.
raquel bradley
(danessa bradley eg6)

I just wanted to send you a quick note that the Detorfino boys loved camp this year!! I also want to Thank You for the pictures on your website – Although I have to work all summer, I find that reviewing the pictures on your website helps me to see some of the wonderful things that my boys are doing.  It makes me feel like I am a part of their camp experience. And they just love when I come home from work and mention that I saw them on your website –

So from all the DeTorfino’s, WE LOVE MILL BASIN DAY CAMP !!!


Hi Jack and Edith,
Cecilia and Randy had a wonderful summer.  Thank you!  Enjoy these photos from last night.
Debbie Cirrincione-Hanson

Hello Jack,
Today (Wednesday), there was a misunderstanding about the bus and my son was not picked up. When I heard that it was you who went to pick him up, I was moved by your kindness. I sent you an ecard to thank you but I realize that it probably looked like spam and you may not have looked at it.  I would have thanked you personally but I know that you are busy and can read email at your leisure.
Zachariah had a nice time at the Carnival. I also wanted to let you know that Max and the other counselors of Group AB-2A did a wonderful job in making this summer special for Zachariah. Thank you very much. Please send my thanks to all.
Rochelle Fruchtman

Dear Jack & Staff,
The gods of summer must have sprinkled some gold dust on a stretch of Strickland Ave (5945) because you've created a simply magical environment for Dylan. 
The trips, routine activities, shows and carnivals and best of all - the build a bear workshop at MBDC have been magnificent.  Kudos to your staff as well; they are helpful, attentive and professional.  Keep the fresh ideas coming - the kids love it  and  we parents appreciate it!
MBDC - you've raised the bar!
See you next year!
Tracy & Dylan

Dear Jack:
Once again I have to tell you what a wonderful summer it has been for Alex and David.  Alex had a wonderful learning experience as a CIT.  He has matured a lot this summer.  Responsibility does a lot to help build a teenager who all ready thinks he knows best.  David loves MBDC.  He will be a very unhappy fellow next week.  He can't wait for Teen-quest.  I can't believe he'll be there since it seems like it was just yesterday that he was in the Pre-school with Carol.
Thanks again for making it a great summer.  Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

To all at Mill Basin Day Camp,

We just wanted to say "Thank You" for another wonderful year.  Nico really
enjoyed his group and counselors and had a fantastic summer.

Have a great Labor Day Holiday.

See you again next year.

Guy, Debbie and Nico Rivera

No....thank you for providing such a great, safe, wonderful camp for all our children!  Everything you do is with such style.  You don't miss a trick.  Josh & Melissa had a great summer.  Thanks for all!
Jack & Lisa Wadler
Dear Jack, Edith and all Staff:
My granddaughter, Melody Metcalf, is in PS2A, and I want all of you to know that you have given her wonderful experiences this summer that I could have never given her on my own. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you.
To Jack and Edith...from the moment I came to Mill Basin hoping there would be a spot for my granddaughter and not knowing how I would be able to afford it...the two of you helped Melody and I and I was so excited for Melody that I left your office with tears in my eyes. Mill Basin Day Camp is the Rolls Royce of Day Camps and I feel that being a camper there is a privilege. If I had unlimited time and resources I could not create a better summer environment. I enjoyed looking through the pictures every day on your web site. The daily smiling faces of many, many children is testament to the excellence in the organization you have created.
To Karen...You have unlimited energy and I am awed by that every day that I see you. Your genuine care and concern for the children is made obvious by your actions, phone calls, discussions and hugs for the children. You are an amazing woman and a terrific role model for campers, staff and parents. Thank you so much for all that you have done for Melody.
To Ardene, Erin, Eileen, Kathryn and Samantha ....First of all, I want you to know that Melody loves all of you. I have seen her run to each of you with her arms raised wanting to be picked up and hugged by you. I have seen the smile that creeps across her face when she sees you in the mornings. You have won Melody's heart, and mine. If I had to handpick a staff of people to leave my granddaughter with, I could not have picked 5 better people. I hope that you understand I would have loved nothing better than to give you much, much more to show my appreciation but, I was only able to give what I could afford. That is one of the reasons that I decided to write this letter ....I wanted to make sure that you knew how grateful I am that Melody had all of you each day. Even though it is only words...they are heartfelt, sincere words. I think you are all terrific people and your kindness shows in your daily actions.
Late Stay Staff ....Boy, do you guys have your hands full. All of the campers got their second wind and you are on your last leg. I don't know how you keep up. You helped Melody feel safe and secure until I arrived, at the end of a long day for all of you. You worked with me until we could figure out what worked for her after having such a long day at her age. Finally, you discovered, the "miracle stroller" which seemed to be the only thing that got her to take the nap that she refused to take all day. Thank you so much for all that you have done.
Lastly...To All of You ....I consider you all remarkable people. Melody and I thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. I wish you all the best in everything that you do.
See you next summer!!!!!!!
Chris and Melody

 Thank you for a truly fantastic summer.  Our son Steven has met many new friends and he really had a blast on all those trips.  My husband and I are quite pleased with your camp and look forward to another exciting summer in Teen Quest/2008.  Thank you for all your fun costumes you wore each day.  I think the parents enjoyed it more than the children and as always you put a smile on all our faces.  Wishing you and your family a good year too!!!
Angela & Steve Fattore   : )

 Dear Jack and Edith,
     Thank YOU for another great summer for our daughter Anne (AG2A).  She cried all the way home on her last day of camp because she loved her friends and counselors so much. Our only regret is that she missed color wars and the masquerade ball because of our vacation plans.  We won't make THAT mistake again!
     Have a wonderful year, and we are looking forward to summer 09!
      Risa and Mike Baghdadi

On behalf of my son Azrien Wilson and I we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you, for a fun filled summer, memories I'm sure would go a long way into the school year, looking forward to next season.......
The Wilsons
Dear Jack,

Please accept our thanks for a wonderful summer experience for our daughter, Jonay Jackson who is in kindergarten. The counselors and program was extraordinary and as a result we have signed up for next summer. I am sure the time will fly by. We look forward to next summer’s experience at the camp.


Judy and Jonathan Jackson

 Dear MBDC,
My daughter had a wonderful summer at the camp. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who took an active roll in making this possible  for her. 
Parent of Keyanna Johnston.

Hey Jack,
Thanks for keeping us in mind, yes the summer flew by and once again my daughter Sasha enjoyed her first year at MBDC I assure you that Sasha along with her little sister Maia will be back next summer. Next summer will be Maia's first camp experience, she's heard all the fun Sasha had this past summer and cant wait to sign up.
Thanks again jack and see you next summer best regards,
Natacha Joseph-Chin on behalf of Sasha Thomas