First Day Is July 01, 2019!

Information To Start Camp


We are looking forward to having the best summer camp season ever at MBDC. You can help make it that way for your campers by knowing and explaining some of the rules and requirements that will keep them happy, healthy and safe. Please note thebolded text and website links. For parents of campers who are using bus service, please make sure to read the bus information below carefully.

As always please remember that we are always here for you and your family. No topic, comment or suggestion is to small or unimportant to discuss. It has always been my pleasure to speak with parents and campers alike and tolisten to their opinions. After all, we do this for you.

The staff and I look forward to seeing all the kids very soon.

Jack Grosbard, Owner, Edith Katsman, Managing Director

  • Log In

    Each registered family has its own Login Account, enabling them to view their registration, make payment, seepaymenthistory as well as having access to private and secure information on our site. That includes trip itineraries, pictures and videos and other sensitive and protected sections.

    To log in you need:
    Log in Name: The home email address You Provided on Your Registration Form. (Probably the one receiving this email).

    Your Password: The Home Phone Number You Provided on Your Registration Form.

    Enter only numbers. ex: 718.251.6200 We will be corresponding via email daily so make sure you have one listed with us. AND CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER!

  • Forms Needed

    Medical forms and permission slips are needed to able to begin camp!

    No medical personel will treat a sick or injured child without a form signed by you and your campers doctor.

    Trip and swimming slips are needed to allow your kids to swim and travel. No slips, no permission!

    Click Here To Get:
    Health and Medical, Bus & Dismissal Permission Slips,
    What to Pack


If your camper has any medical or special needs such as diet, medications (asthma pump, insulin etc.) we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss them with you.

In most cases we are able to assist with storing, supervising and dispensing medication to campers who might need them during the summer.

Please make sure to submit your medical form to the camp office that is completely filled out and signed by both parents and your family physician.


Camp Dates

  • 1st day of camp
    Monday, July 01, 2019 
    (Your own start date may be different).
    If your camper is not attending camp on a particular
    day, you DO NOT need  to call the camp.
  • Last day of camp
    Friday, August 23, 2019 
    (Your own end date may vary).
  • Camp in The AM

    Camp day begins at 9:00 AM. You may drop campers off beginning at 8:30 AM.

  • Early AM Drop Off

    Begins at 7:30 AM (you must be registered for this program). Please do not arrive prior to 7:30 am. You may send breakfast if you wish. Staff will be on hand to supervise. You will be directed to where to drop off your camper(s) on the first day.

Camp in The PM

Camp day ends at 3:10 PM for Pre School
(except those with siblings or who take the bus).
Camp day ends 4:10 PM for Adventures, Stars, Explorer and Teen Quest.

Please arrive between 4:15- 4:20.

Click Here For Permission Form

SIBLINGS: If you have a child in Pre-School Camp and others in older camps, you can pick them up at regular 4:10 PM dismissal time. If you have an Explorer or Teen Camper on a late stay or overnight trip and others in younger camps, you will need to pick up the younger ones at the regular dismissal time (4:10) before coming back to get the ones returning

Late Stay Pick Up

Begins at 4:30 and goes to 6:15 (you must be registered for this program). Staff on hand to supervise activities (no swimming). Snack provided. Please arrive on time.

Picking Up Your Camper Early

If you need to pick up your camper early, you MUST call the camp office by 3:00 pm. After 3:00 PM campers cannot be called to the office to be picked up.

  • Authorized Pick Ups

    When you registered, you should have listed any and all people authorized to pick up your child each day. While we attempt to familiarize ourselves with everyone who enters our building as quickly as we can, there may be times that you would need to send someone for the first time, someone who the staff does not recognize. These people will need to be listed on your registration form and they must bring picture identification with them when they come. Please refer to the camp website, for policies regarding someone not listed.

  • Your First Day Of Camp

    You will be directed as to where to bring your camper to their group. Bus campers will be escorted to their groups after arriving. Please cut out and send in your campers Group Card which you will get via email prior to the start of camp. Have your camper wear their MBDC Camp shirt! Camp shirts are also worn on all trip days and picture days! (Does not apply to Teen Quest. TQ will receive daily instructions). Please drop off your camper as quickly as you can so that we can start the camp day.

Food & Meals

Campers must bring lunch with them every day unless otherwise specified. Lunch should be non perishable items that do not need to be heated. Lunch boxes are stored in coolers until lunch time.

Snack will be provided daily for all campers in Pioneers, Adventures, Stars. Check your calendar for days where lunch and/or snack is served for Explorers & Teens. 

Some day trips and overnight trips have food included. Information will be included in your daily email. All food provided by Mill Basin Day Camp is Kosher. If your camper has a dietary concern or allergies, please let us know so that we can make the proper arrangements for them.


Swimming is offered every day. Every camper will have a swimming test. After which, each time they enter the pool they will be given a colored bracelet designating their abilities. Swim instruction will be provided to beginners only if they agree to take the swim test. Those who don't will not be allowed to swim. You will also need to have provided a Swimming Permission form.

Swimmers are grouped by age and swim ability. Instruction is done several times a week along with free swim. Lifeguards are present both in and out of the water for safety. Suntan lotion is to be applied at home though staff will be looking carefully to make sure campers are not overexposed to the sun.

  • What To Pack

    Check your What to Pack list each day. Please remember to send a bathing suit and towel each and every day and have your campers wear sneakers and socks. Pre-school campers should have 1 change of clothes to leave at the camp.

  • What Not to Bring


Trips & Events Calendar

Check your TRIP/EVENT calendars daily for information, destination and return times. They are available online and you will need to log in to see them.

DAY TRIPS: Each camp has its own unique trip schedule and trip day(s). This is done so that you can register for a schedule that does not include trip days. Pioneer and Adventures Camps, trips are on Thursdays only, are usually only half days in length and are to local attractions. For Stars, trip day is mostly on Tuesday although may be on other days.  Explorers trip are scheduled Mostly Mondays & Wednesdays, although may be on other days throughout the week.

Teen Quest trips are scheduled throughout the week. Please note that if you are not registered for trip days or if your camper is not planning on attending the trip, there is no camp for them that day unless it is a half day trip and you would like to bring them in for the other half of the day.)  Note: We no longer offer overnight trips for any camp divisions. 


You will be receiving an email regarding your bus information. It will include your campers bus number.

Everyone is required to be ready by 7:15 am on the first few days and at 4:30 pm at least for the first few days though your pickup and drop off times may be different.


We will be using yellow school buses and vans for service. Vehicle type will depend on your area of pickup. All buses are air-conditioned. Door to door pickup and drop off may not be available in some areas. If door to door pickup is not available you will be notified where to meet the bus such a corner stop. This will help shorten the length of the run and the time your campers will ride on the bus.

Please NOTE IT WILL TAKE several days FOR bus service to get a consistent schedule in place, so please make arrangements to allow for extra time during this adjustment period. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CAMPER READY VERY EARLY and BE HOME EARLY TO GREET THEM UNTIL THE SCHEDULE IS CONSISTENT.

Once a regular schedule is in place, please have your camper ready approximately 5 ' 10 min prior to your scheduled pick up each day. Once the bus arrives, it will wait about 3 minutes for a camper before departing. Once the bus leaves, it will not return on that morning to pick up your child.

If your child is not coming to camp on a particular day, you DO NOT NEED TO CALL THE CAMP OFFICE. If your child will not need bus service home on a particular day, you must call the camp office before 3:00 PM to let us know so as to not put your camper on the bus.

In the evening drop off, please make sure to have someone waiting to receive your camper. If no one is there to greet them, the bus will wait about 3 min before leaving for the next stop and your camper will have to remain on the bus for the duration of the run before being returned to the camp office where they will have to be picked up.

Mill Basin Day Camp bus counselor(s) will be on each bus for morning pick up and evening drop off. Please introduce yourself to them. Their responsibilities include bus attendance, safety and supervision. All Pre-School campers will be seat belted in. Someone will need to hand your child off to the bus counselor and/or to receive your child off the bus each day. A bus counselor cannot and will not leave the bus to escort campers across the street or in to homes or buildings. This is done to ensure the safety of the campers remaining on the bus. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If your camper has special requirements for bus transportation or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the camp office so we can pass the information on to the bus company.

If your camper has permission to get off the bus and go into your house or apartment with no one to meet them, we MUST have written permission from you stating such. Click Hereother half of the day.) OVERNIGHT TRIPS: Overnight trips are for Explorers and Teen Quest camps only. For Explorers, there are 2 trips planned, each being 2 days and 1 night in length. For Teens, there are 2 trips, each being 2 days and 1 night in length. A full trip itinerary with all destinations what to pack list, spending money, etc will be emailed prior to the trip.


Mornings are never a problem because parents drop their kids and leave pretty quickly. In the afternoon however there are a lot of buses and a whole lot of cars. That can make for a nice traffic jam. Our suggestion if at all possible is to park outside the lot to avoid getting caught up in outgoing traffic. Parking is available right outside the lot to either side and is legal. Do not park in front of the door or even double park as you wait for someone to come out. It's very dangerous and can cause a lot of extra traffic backup.