Adventures Camp

(for campers entering grades 1 & 2)


Adventurers Camp offers a full day of exciting, safe and fun activities. By making use of our beautiful facility, campers will receive instruction in a wide variety of sports and arts activities. Many of our activities are taught by instructors who work year-round in related fields.


Our 1st and 2nd graders participate in smaller versions of traditional sports. We use smaller fields and courts with age-appropriate equipment. This allows our campers to experience success while learning the basics of the game. Staff who lead the activities are trained to spend part of the period teaching a new skill and to use the remainder of that period to play a game that emphasizes that new skill. MBDC counselors participate in all of the activities right along with the campers, helping the specialists create and validate success opportunities for our campers.


Your child will be exposed to a variety of activities in air-conditioned classrooms led by trained instructors. Art, Fine Arts, Music, Mad Science, Cooking, Drama, Dance, Computers, and much more. Many of our activities are unique and were created for our campers here at MBDC. Touring our facility will give you a full picture of the over 40+ on-site activities we offer.


Every day, Adventure camper have a 40-minute swim period and at least 2 times per week that includes instruction that is led by our certified swim instructors. Swim lessons are for beginner swimmers only and are based on skill, not age. We teach and train our own instructors every year and our swim techniques are based not only on the American Red Cross, but over 25 years of practical experience in teaching children how to swim.


The largest day camp in new york, family owned since 1987.



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